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It's not that it's difficult to log into MDC on my iphone. It's that I have to open a browser, type in the address, log in, and it's too many steps and honesty a pain to even remember to to a website. I prefer facebook because I have the app, I'm on it anyway, and I get notifications when people post to the group. It just keeps it simple.
If you know, check boy or girl, or if you are having more than one, check gender which applies to each of them plus the Multiple option. If you don't know and/or won't know until baby is born, check Unknown (Team Green). If you are on the facebook group, you will know what Team Green means.
Boy! And quite obviously so. :) The Harmony test came back boy, too.
I've continued going to the gym throughout my pregnancy, just as often as I was before.
It's so much easier for me to check the facebook group on my iphone. Navigating MDC on my iphone is not nearly as easy. I just tried it yesterday and it was difficult and slow. I'm on my home computer now, catching up while paying bills. I probably only check on the computer twice per month.
I ended up taking amoxicillin forgetting my allergy to penicillin. I quit after 4 days then treated he subsequent yeast infection with garlic. I returned a week later and was prescribed cephalexin, a non-penicillin antibiotic. I am finally feeling better after 3 weeks. I know it's not natural, but this antibiotic isn't killing my gut bacteria and didn't give me another yeast infection.
So far, at 23 weeks pregnant, on a high fat, low carb diet for gestational diabetes, and monitoring my blood sugars, I have lost 19 pounds.
I am in the Facebook group. My name is Katreena.
I want to join in this, too. 
Hi Brooke! My baby boy is also due April 20th. I also have two daughters who are 7 and 8 years old right now.
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