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I was diagnosed with GD, I'm home blood testing, although I've been diagnosed with insulin intolerance for the past two years and no doctor ever thought to have me test at home before. I have cut out carbs from my diet, and it seems to really keep my blood sugar at reasonable levels.  I get those lower right back/hip pains, too. I am planning to see a local chiropractor that my OB's office recommended, for their effectiveness and reasonable prices, since chiropractors are...
I think hiring a doula is an excellent idea. Not only will she support you and do all she can to be your advocate for a VBAC, but she will also be able to drive you while you're in labor, right?
My doctors plan only two ultrasounds. The first one I'm getting tomorrow at 10 weeks, the second will be at 20 weeks. The only reason they would do more is when I go past 40 weeks gestational age. I can't imagine not wanting to know my baby's gender. I can hardly wait so I can start picking out a name already.
I'm planning on a VBA2C at a birth center with what I'm told are the best doctors in Alaska with the highest rate of VBAC across the state. I do have to take 4 hours off in the middle of a work day in order to drive out to the city in which they work, but it's still worth it for a chance at a natural childbirth. Third's times the charm, right?
I am 39, and will be 40 when this baby is 3 months old. I'm not doing any testing that requires sticking needles into my abdomen. Blood test is fine, urine test is fine, but no belly needles.
Yeah, my belly is bumpy, but it has nothing to do with this pregnancy! And I'm certainly not posting any pics of it, either.
I can't even think of a name until I know if it's a boy or a girl.
Thanks for the tip about motherhood maternity. I'd forgotten about that company. Unfortunately, their bras don't go up to my size, a 36 HH. There are 38H, but then the bra would droop down and the styles available in that size do not separate the boobs. I'd have a huge shelf of breast tissue flattened out on the whole of my chest wearing one of those. I can see it now.
I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my third child. I'm 39 years old and weighed 260 before this pregnancy began. I have two children, ages 8 and 7. I have some thyroid issues that caused me to gain 40 pounds in 6 months, but tests show normal function despite the more than an inch in diameter thyroid nodule on my right thyroid gland. I had to stop taking Lisinopril (for high blood pressure) and Advair (for my asthma), but I'm still taking most of my usual medications. I am taking...
I took a hypnobirthing class with my husband during my first pregnancy. We gave it our all. It didn't do anything for me. I ended up with a c-section after an insensitive midwife broke my water as I yelled no, starting labor before it should have begun. I was in labor 48 hours before forced to do a c-section. So much for that planned water birth.
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