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That's funny. I heard the opposite is true. I never had morning sickness with my first two pregnancies, both girls. All my friends who have been pregnant with boys had morning sickness pretty bad. This, my third pregnancy, I've had so much nausea all day long, which is especially worse when I'm hungry or have an empty stomach. I haven't thrown up or anything, but that nausea is so persistent. I am a lot older now than with my first two, but I'm still just as exhausted the...
That is what I'm taking! I went to the local Natural Pantry to pick out a prenatal when I couldn't get a prescription and was told it's sold over the counter now. So I figured if I was picking whatever I want, I'd pick something natural and digestible. The added ginger is nice! I still get nausea and drink some apple cider vinegar/honey in warm water when I can.
Hi everyone. My name is Katreena. I've lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 2004. I have two children, born 2005 and 2006 when I was almost 30 and 31, respectively. I'm surprised to find myself in a due date club at my age. I am now 39 and happily find myself pregnant with my third. Although we had sex just the one time, I failed to record the date. I think it was July 28th, but I'm not certain. My typical menstrual cycle lasts 27 days. The technical first date of my LMP was...
My first was born 6 weeks before I turned 30. My second was born when I was 32 years old, plus 5 weeks. I will be 39 this July and have been wanting another baby for the past year. I haven't decided yet if I'm too old or not.
I am allergic to wool and wonder if anyone else has that problem. Wool seems a highly recommended item for making a lot of things when trying to be all natural. It just would never work for me. Are there other materials that have the benefits of wool without being wool?
I wore makeup sometimes as a teenager, and once in a while during my 20's. I haven't worn, nor do I own, any makeup in the past 15+ years. I don't think it's necessary. Besides, it's irritating not being able to touch your face, rub your eyes, or wash off your face periodically during the day. I don't think it makes anyone look better than without makeup. I don't care if anyone else uses makeup, it has no effect on me. I look put together just fine and so does anyone...
What? Oh, sorry, thought I heard my name.  
I found the site through Mothering magazine, which I was introduced to by my midwife during my first pregnancy. There were also references to the magazine in a couple books I checked out from the library during pregnancy.
If you suspect the speedometer, make sure you check the tires. If you aren't using the proper size, factory size, then the speedometer will not be accurate. I just read your update about the used truck. Definitely check those tires!  
I never changed my surname when I married my husband, and our daughters have his last name. My feelings on that subject aside, I've never in 6 years, had any problems proving I'm their mother, not at the doctor, when applying for insurance, registering them for school, or applying for aid. I never needed to produce their birth certificates, although I do have them if that were necessary.    
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