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It's not just you, Adeline's Mom. After reading your second post detailing the exact situation, I can see why you feel their response was needlessly rude. 
I have no idea. Yours, I guess.  
Thank you, majik. What a terrible thing he's putting you through. 
Long time no see. I meant to check in here sooner, but uh, sorry, I don't have an excuse.    A sinker in AK other than me? Amazing!   I saw a recipe for pie in a jar. I have a raw food friend who cannot eat many things and she switched up the recipe and only used a top crust made of her own mix of ingredients and she says it was wonderful. Perhaps there is pie hope for you.  
I have a confession. I don't love cake. But I do love pie.      Can I still play?  
I believe it. Soda is so bad for you, and your teeth. I've been getting healthier myself. I am eating more veggies and protein and less carbs, but still getting a lot of fiber. My doctor put me on Metformin for elevated blood sugar levels and Lisinopril for high blood pressure two months ago. I also started exercising EActive 2 on my PS3 sporadically. I've lost 24 pounds with the change of diet, addition of some exercise, and the metformin making my body utilize rather...
I feel that way here. I've lived here since May 2004 and have yet to fit in. So many people are christian, right wing, republican, gun-toting, racist, uninterested in preserving the environment, SUV/truck driving, and have no interest in considering life from any other perspective.
I've quit smoking a number of times. I started when I was 19. I quit for a full year once, and for three years when I was 25-28. I most recently quit the day before Halloween. I had one cigarette since then, on January 22nd I think it was, and that was giving in to stress without having another outlet for the emotional stress.
Is the college savings plan a good thing? I've just deposited my daughters' PFD's into a renewing CD or savings account.
You do not need to provide reasons for why your therapist isn't good for you, although your reasons are perfectly valid. You definitely don't need one who doesn't give credit for all the improvements you have made thus far.    Black ice, yeah, that's scary, I've had that happen and I'm extra cautious and anxious when driving.    The friend thing sounds irritating, too, I can't stand people who suggest there is any truth to negative stereotyping or in any way...
New Posts  All Forums: