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I have heard that before, that boys are more restless, can't sit still, are more kinetic learners, learning by doing, and that girls sit still, are less physically active, and learn by seeing. But I disagree that it is a gender based thing, Sure, it may be true for some, but I don't think it's true for all because I think the way a person learns is individual, not based on sex alone. I have two daughters. The oldest one is detail oriented, has great levels of...
When my 5 year old was leaking overnight from her diapers, we started using pullups. She has really sensitive skin so many brands were not an option. Now we use Goodnights and they have done really well. They stay closed no matter what position she sleeps in, don't leak anywhere, and hold the large amount she pees at night without causing any skin issues.
No, you don't have to make any decisions right now. Keep in mind this advice is coming from a 36 year old who still doesn't know what she wants to 'do' when she grows up. 
I'm the same way. We've only watched it once in a while, but when we did I only found some small bits funny and most of it just stupid and/or offensive and can't imagine how someone can find that funny. At least I don't have a husband waking me up with some stupid line from a show I don't like. He knows not to wake me up under any circumstances if he values his physical integrity.
Other - I don't part my hair at all. My hair falls where ever, but most of the time I have it up in a ponytail to keep it out of my face and I have no bangs because I hate them. If my hair is down, I usually push it back with some type of hair band to keep it out of my face, so again, no part.   I think if I tried to part it on the side, I'd hold my head sideways, too. The asymmetry would so bug me.
Validating emotions is something I have always done, and it works really well with my older daughter. With Sophia, the Leo Drama Queen, it only seems to feed into the show. I still do validate, but it doesn't seem to change the outcome.
  What I have tried with my 4 year old and her use of "now" is to tell her that the way she is speaking to me is rude and demeaning and that I do not want to be spoken to that way. Her response to mine is to then cry and say, "You're a mean mommy, you don't love me anymore", and she'll refuse to allow me to comfort her, hug her, talk to her so I can only leave her alone. She has cried down the hall over these things for up to 20 minutes. I've tried to make a more...
Daffodil, your post made me want to test out the question on my 5 year old. Her response was different than your son's. She said having her pants pulled down would be annoying and embarrassing. I asked why and she answered, she doesn't want anyone to see her vulva. I then asked which would be worse, if other kids saw your vulva, or if they saw your butt and she answered, it would be worse if they saw my vulva because it is more private.
I've got asthma and allergies, so I've had air cleaners all my adult life. Yesterday, my oldest was tested and found out she, too, has allergies. So, I took to some internet research and even with that knowledge, ended up buying one based on price, not quality for the bedroom. Here is a link that may help you. http://www.air-purifier-power.com/top-10-air-purifiers.html   First thing, do not buy an ionizer or ozone maker, and if the filter comes with one (as the one my...
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