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I feel weird now that I read other responses. I thought you and your husband looked the same age, but it seems everyone else think he looks significantly older than you. I just don't see it. He looks like a youngun, too, to me.
That is so true. The company that claimed to care about their employees just like family is the company that treated me the worst of any I'd ever worked for because.... I didn't inform them at hiring that I was 4 weeks pregnant, and they cut my hours for needing frequent breaks when I was 9 months pregnant because they said they couldn't give me a 5 minute break every two hours during my 8 hour shift in which I got no breaks, it was inconvenient for them. That's the last...
You both look like you're in your very early 20's. Between 20 (maybe could pass for 18 or 19 even, but for some reason I don't think you two are teens) and 23 years old would be my guess.   I, too, have no idea how old you actually are.
When I've used the term immediate family, it means I'm referring to a person who is directly related to me: my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my nieces and nephews. This does not include a relative's relative, i.e. my husband's parents, my cousins's children, my parents' aunts and uncles and cousins. All of those I would call extended family because I have to go through another person to explain my relation to them, it's...
Height: 5 foot  5 3/4 inches (167 cm) Humerus: 12 inches (31.115 cm)
Ugh, I do know how you feel. I went through a stage when my period lasted around 2.5 months in the summer of 2009. It was horrible. I did get some advice on some herbs, plus the doctor had me take the bc pills wrong to 'shock my system out of confusion' but I quite taking them after just a couple weeks. Birth control is not a worry for me since I already have an IUD in place and I just really didn't like the idea of messing up my hormones with the pill. I know I used...
Or when my husband's sister says, wow, Sophia is so athletic and so energetic and so cute, she's definitely a (*insert my husband's family's last name*)!   
This clearly points out the differences, thank you.  
I know how irritating it is when people persist, as though they are trying to either convince me to be just as prejudiced as they are, or are using it as a way to knock me for not having those qualities. I'm half Mexican and half Swiss, my mother is the Swiss one and therefore so is all of her family. A couple years ago, her uncle and his wife visited and would not stop praising Sophia's blonde hair, blue eyes, blonde curls, alabaster skin, oh, she is so perfect! she's...
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