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I have so suggest some herbal supplementation to ease your pms rather than the no-period pill. Please don't mess with your hormones like that. I'm no expert, but I know at least one person on MDC who has a pms herb combination suggestion.
I agree with what APToddler mama wrote. What the previous poster described was masturbation, which doesn't involve anyone else and is normal. What you describe is your son involving others, wanting to touch other, wanting others to touch him. This is simply not at all the same thing.
It didn't sound like that at all to me LROM. I just read what she wrote and it was quite simple and straightforward, especially compared to some convoluted back stories I've read here on MDC. 
Too bad you're not down in Anchorage, they could be friends. 
My 5.5 year old is a very heavy sleeper, always has been, and she still wets her pullups every night. My younger daughter is a light sleeper and always has been, and she hasn't worn pullups to bed since she was 3 years old and she'd been mostly dry overnight for 6 months before that. Abigail, my oldest, wants to be dry overnight, but I know she just isn't physically capable yet.. I explain to her that her bladder is talking to her brain, but that she can't hear it...
It sounds like the other kids in his school are also over-sexualized which makes me wonder if they're not all, or some, victims of an offender at the school, whether it's another student or a teacher. It seems that many children in one place being over-sexualized is a sign of something.
Yes, to all of this.
I know, some of the responses you've gotten have nothing to do with what you actually wrote. It's irritating because it's not true. She's not too busy to read, she doesn't want to read. And no one cares about that, all you wanted to know is what would she like, and they imply you're sitting around doing nothing but reading instead of being busy parenting like your SIL is doing. I get it. It's irritating and almost bordering on insincerity, lying or crazymaking.
:) Your son sounds like my Sophia. 
My best results come when I first address the issue, explain why it's not an appropriate word, then ignore it. Do not first ignore it, because then he won't learn why it's not acceptable to use that word.
New Posts  All Forums: