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I have 3 boys, ages 3 1/2 and twin 2yo I want to get them geotrax for christmas but I am having the most difficult time figuring what to get, I plan on spending about $150 - $200 ant it has to include 3 remote control trains, so what would you suggest??? Please help I have spent way too much time looking and I still dont know what to get!!
Central Hypo is where your TSH is on the low end, .5-1.5 (normally on the opposite side of hypo) but your FT4 and FT3 are low, I guess this is caused by a pituitary problem I would like to find a good endo but I dont think my current insurance will cover them. I have a DR.'s appt tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to convince my dr of what it is. but I was hoping to take more info to the table
Anyone?? has anyone heard of it?? Thanks!
I got my results from my thyroid panel back they are TSH .92 FT4 .61 and FT3 3.4 after research on what the results mean I think I have central hypothyroidism, from what I have read this is very rare but I wanted to know if there was anyone out there with it? I havent been to the Doc yet since the test came back but I went to the DOC because I thought I had Hypothyroid, she told me I most likely didnt and just had depression because I had 3 kids in 16 months and I had only...
I am all for the GMD here too!! I would never get a prefold that I had to fold down, I LOVE my GMDs I dont know the politics of them but I think they have them specially made, or atleast they used to ( I havent seen the rainbows there anymore but they are probably the same.
well I dont have stink yet ( I am using micro inserts that suck but would likt to make some hemp ones, I have on my laundry shelf the following: Country save Charlies Purex F&C I sometimes rotate, I just wish I had a water softener. if I make hemp inserts with only 2 layers of hemp sewn compleetly together will they still stink ie no hidden layers of fabric? Oh also is the cotton super bulky?
I have hard water so am I destined to stinky diapers? I finally retired some because they did stink. so people say hemp stinks, is this just hemp inserts (what if they were only 2 or 3 layers? people also say MF stinks, I have found it does, I think the FB dont stink as bad as BG/ CB because they are not as thick. also I currently have tried FB inserts and they really suck compared to CB. I just want something that is really good but not really bulky aka no...
Quote: HR FluffnStuffI don't think that it is fair to accuse any company of using sweat shops without substantial proof. Not all foreign manufacturing is bad. Trade is the long term solution to poverty. If we turn our backs on all foreign manufacturing because of an assumption of negative labor practices the result would be catastrophic. As it is, 50% of the worlds population is living on less than $1 a day. Be sure that you have proof before you accuse...
thanks! i was wandering if you pulled the elasic or the machine did it, i think i will just do without the elastic foot
if i would have thought sooner i would have ordered it from serena, but the OSDS one is outragously expensive
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