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Hi and welcome ! Sorry for the delayed response I have not been checking these boards lately.We don't have any meetings scheduled over the summer but some of us have gotten together for play dates with the kids .Our group has lost some of it's momentum over time I'm hoping we can regain some in the fall.So I'd suggest checking back in @a month to check status of 1 per month mama centered group..In the meantime I'd suggest checking Ma. thread for get togethers close to or...
Got directions thanks...so we'll meet at park ? I'll p.m you my cell if you need to give me update from your home -we'll be there..hope that cell appears !
Yeah ,we might be able to pull this off ! How @ we meet at Potter Road playground ? We'll be there @ 11:30 .We'll see you after Maia's nap.
O.k let's touch base tomorrow mid a.m ish...
Hey Krista, Looks like the weather is suggesting otherwise....crap -actually Sat. looks like better of two crappy days otherwise now... I'm thinking we may want to look at possible indoor venues or plan on a rain check for outdoor one ... I won't scrap Sun outdoor option -What is Potter Road addie..?
Hey Krista et al , Anyone still on for getting together for picnic this weekend ? We'd probably need to keep an eye to the sky -last I checked Sun is cooler -high 60 but less chance of rain overall ... Any ideas on where -meet @ 11:30 -ish ..& when... Don't know if Cushing is too same Ole for your boys Krista -we could meet there or somewhere else local w/shelter -ha if needed !
Somehow I think things will work out fine w/ you and your 4 kids ...We'll just roll w/ it.. We'd be up for a picnic.How's 11:30 a. start time work for you ? Abby still needs that nap...How's Garden in the woods for picnic assuming we keep it local..Any restroom facilities there ? We could check out Dean Park if you/others wanna venture out ...
Krista, It was nice meeting you three.We enjoyed ourselves .Nice day too. Looking forward to getting together again. mummamilk I/we could also meet up on w/e at this point..
Thanks Krista. We are leaving now and should be there @ 20 min. and b4 10:00a. -Be
Hey mummamilk -so good to hear from you ! Cushing Park is in Framingham Ma. However Krista -I've never been there & want to make sure we all meet at same entrance -Can you give me the Street address -ie. Winter Street ,Dudley Street ??!! Thanks -looks like we are gonna luck out in the weather department .We are looking forward to getting together. Mummamilk it would be great to get together sometime I'm available mostly wed. and Fri during the week and would...
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