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I'm sorry, I am not being snarky or anything, but I am honestly uncertain...does your dh have a physical hearing problem?  Or are you say that he does not hear you like..he doesnt get it and doesnt remember it?  
I'm not certain how to answer.   My first birth was an unassisted homebirth.    But..I did break my own waters when it became clear to me they were preventing dd from dropping to be able to put pressure on a cervical lip i had.  So...the breaking on water is an intervention, but i was at home unassisted....I'm not certain how you categorize that in terms of "naturalness".   
errr.  I'm not sure that i am. LOL.  
it's not illegal, it's a recommendation.  Bunk beds are not considered safe for kids under 6.  
how much total sleep is she getting?  How is she making up for the deficit?  i found that when my kids were up all night long, then theyd sleep a lot during the day...BUT..even though i knew i should wake them and keep them up (which is miserable, cuz the kid is tired and OMG cranky evil)  i...couldn't make myself do it.  Because i was exhausted, and could use that time to do the things i needed to do, or to nap myself.     Reduce daytime sleeping, even if it kills...
Well. I of course think you're a weirdo :P But i have no clue.  Houses don't even come that big here. Like seriously.  We have a 900 sq ft ouse, with a basement we are finishing that adds soe extra space, and have 5 kids.  Its not super spacious but not awful either. 
i wouldnt change it for $5 either.   
My kid can't do that.  She's 6.5 and finishing 1st grade.  She reads almost no words, except those that rhyme with CAT.  She gets those pesky letters at the end of the alphabet mixed up.  I think she's fine.  
neither of my kids slept. ever.  There were no naptimes.  There was barely any sleeping at night.  I'm fairly certain they're aliens. 
i think those posts explain it very well.  They are really VERY different philosophies, although you may at times see kids doing similar things in each method.  I find that i really like some of the montessori materials, and i do sterw then into our unschooling.  The math manipulatives, for example, i think are great.   But yes...at the core, although the M child is given some freedom to choose - it is within a HIGHLY structured framework.  And there is a lot of...
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