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it sounds to me like what is a life of *voluntary* simplicity for you is one of *coerced* simplicity for him.  While it sounds like you possibly find it....charming? amusing? somehow morally superior? that he makes the toys he wants out of paper instead of having the real toys, to me, it sounds... sad. :(   I'm all for creativity, and i love it when, for example, my daughter uses her waffle blocks to create a house for her dolls, but if she really wanted a dollhouse, and...
This.  I love being able to say "yes" sometimes to  a little treat when we are out.  A drink at the zoo, an ice cream cone after playing at the park, a book from the bookstore, etc.  I can't constantly say "no", it makes me feel like crap - as in, true depression.  
We're probably going to do 2nd grade later this year.  We don't really follow a school year schedule though, so it may not be in the fall when school "starts".   We have no real plans.  Probably horse camp, zoo classes, art classes, maybe music?  we basically unschool i guess, so whatever dd wants to do, really.  
I'm sorry to tell you your stbx is almost certainly legally considered the father of your child, and you getting pregnant during the divorce proceedings is going to make things much harder.  For example..you won't be able to get divorced now, until after you deliver, most likely.  Most states wont divorce a pregnant woman.  You haven't shared your state (which is fine :)  ) so i cant look it up for you for sure.  I will also tell you that my husbands ex was able to drag...
my kids have never gotten anything for easter.../its just not a gift holiday for us.   However, i went out and bought a few things this year and they will get small baskets of stuff.  but only  like $10 per kid, and i thought that was outrageous! 
$0 We can't afford it, period.  If we paid for health insurance, we wouldn't eat.   Not eating kills us a lot faster than not having medical coverage so......ya.   
um.  Even if you don't have any vacation time, any good job would work with you to provide more leave than 1 week.  In fact, from a *liability* standpoint, I can not imagine ANY doctor signing off to release you back to work that soon, to be frank.  What does you dr say about that?  Have you contacted HR to see what the situation is?  My understanding is that the first 6 weeks after a birth is considered "disability", not like..vacation or whatever.  Has someone from...
What do you mean by fraying?  I've learned that people seen to have different definitions of the word "fray".  IS it just "fuzzing"?  Is there any sort of actual CUT in the strap?  Where is the fraying?  Can you tell why it is fraying/what it is rubbing against?     If you could take a pic, that would be great.  Depending on where the fraying is, and how bad, the seat may or may not still be usable. 
In requires nothing.  Like..literally nothing, if the kid has never gone to school.  If they have, you have to notify the school you are wothdrawing them.  That's it.  there are no testing reporting, portfolio or any requirements.  You can just live here and..not send your kids to school. :)  
This *sounds* really bad, but I swear it's not.  You can tie him to the chair.  Unless you believe he will deliberately lunge so hard as to tip the entire chair over. But if it's just to prevent a "omg i lost my balance" type deal, it's fine.  A SSC or sling actually works great for this purpose..you tie the straps around the child, but instead of onto your body, it's to the chair.  It's used here by a lot of families i work with who are immigrants because high chairs...
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