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There is a color mixing activity in an age 3-6 montessori classroom, and it tends to be a favorite for the yuonger ones.  My dd at 3 could mix colors and still remembers them at 6 :) 
While not at all unheard of, are you sure she only has an inch?  Can you post a pic? 
Another vote for the fridge.  My sister HALVED her electric bill when she replaced  her old, old friedge with a newer one - not even a brand new energy star one, but just a somewhat newer one! 
??? The nautilus is a great high backed booster :) 
we do it for cosleeping and for cost 
Sounds like a booster :|    Really, having a small kid in a booster really does tend to be MORE annoying than a harness.     It sounds like you know exactly what';s going on, and sadly, I dont know of a way to *fix* it except to do what you are doing.     It's very possible that a booster with a different design/belt guide angle would not be catching the belt in that way, but if you have a frontier, you probably arent looking to buy another seat.  A different...
have you tried the LBP?  That usually works.  Sometimes you think your belt isn't long enough, but with like 2 people and some copious swearing, you realize it actually does *just* fit.  
Reading.    SEEing correctly spelled words is the best way to learn spelling.  
The manufacturer does advise you to take the straps out if you use it as a booster.  However, I will say that I did on a few occasions make the "parental decision" to use it with straps in in booster mode, rather than tear the seat apart only to have to put it back together a few hours later.  I personally can't see how it would be dangerous, and while as a tech I have to advise you to follow the manual, it's ultimately your decision.     If it was going to be a...
Something is wrong.  I'm going to guess the harness is routed incorrectly through the back, but it may not be...but something is definitely wrong.  I can put my 6.5 yo, 46 inch, 50 lb dd in the nautilus just fine :)     Might i ask which slots you are using?  at that height, i assume you are on the top or second to top slots?  And you have to make sure you have NOT pulled the headrest down over the harness, because that will eat up some harness (as well as being very...
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