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I read here once some info about Mito disease that somehow struck a chord with me. Here's whats running through my head: I have 2 kiddos DX as on the autism spectrum- specifcally asperger's and Pdd-nos (althogh I wouldn't be suprised if shes an aspie also). My aspie has some food intolerences and is on "The diet" - Gf/CF/SF chemical free. Shoot! i just make it all from scratch and sub all the ingredients lol. My Pddd-nos DD has some bouts of constipation that can...
My 5yo has SPD and ASD. when she has dairy her sensory seeking/needyness gets more intense. It's like she just needs to run full force into a wall a few times and then maybe crash several times for good measure. Her noise stimmy behaviors increase also which tell me that she is having trouble processing noise. She will say that her belly hurts and I am not sure if she gets all sensory out of whack because she hurts or if the two are seperate. HTH sarah
coconut flour. I make these fab muffins using CF. Sarah
do you have just potatos or mashy leftovers? If just potatos make corn chowda and freeze some for rainy days.
Thanks ladies for responding. I would love to know more about gut healing. My head is really spinning with too much info these days. My SIl has celiacs or at least was DX celiacs as a baby. She eats gluten now and we really think my neice needs to be GF. Can I ask a Dr to do this sort of test? If so which one specifically do I ask for? Can I do testing after being GF? TIA Sarah
I sometimes drop my Kefir grains in coconut milk- Og full fat. It gets super thick and I use that for mt casein intolerent DD with some granola on top to sub for yogurt if I don't have any Turtle Mt on hand. I usually add some honey or maple syrup to sweeten it. HTH sarah
So we have been going gluten free since April and lately have been doing very well with it. The baby, who has a speech delay and posible asd started to imitate and also talk and my 5yo aspie stopped running in circles talking jibberish (aka devil voice). My 3yo has had no constipation and also less stimming (pdd-nos). So tonight we slipped. We went out and had pizza. We had changed plans there is a pizza place here that is GF we ended up somewhere else. Within 20 mins...
I make un-granola bars with nut butter, sun butter works fine, honey and cruched rice chex. i use like 1/2c honey and nut butter and maybe 3/3 to 1c crushed chex. Lara balls are a hit here too equal parts dates and nuts (can you use cahsews?) and then I add different dried fruit pieces and coconut sometimes coconut oil to smooth it out a a bit.
we got our freezer on Freecycle. Maybe try posting there. Try pick your own farms for cheaper produce. Sarah
May I join in? I started Paleo in april and have lost some weight and feel great. I have 10# to go to be at a healthy weight according to Dr's charts. I would be happier loosing 15 and it seems pretty attainable. At this point I am at pre baby weight I start with a personal trainer 3x per week next week when the girls start camp. so far I have been doing the Wii fit with my 5yo, hoopin on the lawn, hiking, bike riding and walking. I would like to add some more core...
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