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They're really great for offering quickly when there's nowhere to put a baby down on a pad, like when running errands in a car. I like mine.
I think that not fixing our central a/c (it died last year and we use the attic fan instead) has saved us the most. When it is broken there is no question of willpower LOL. We have a gas dryer (which I guess I am glad for ). Also if you don't want to plug/unplug your vampire appliances all the time, get power strips with switches.
I would calculate food/mortgage/utilities bare-bones expenses for figuring the 6-months figure rather than how much I spend when everything is ok. I would ask myself how secure the jobs are. Then I would probably put the bonus in EF and let fear-and-loathing of the HEL motivate me to work hard at snowball creation.
Quote: Originally Posted by avendesora I just don't shave. ah, thank goodness I'm not the only one. FWIW I don't buy fiber pills or 'roid stuff anymore since becoming broke, because eating beans solves that so well (could be the first time in my life I've eaten so much fiber) Y'all's mileage may vary.
Food prices here are finally coming down again - they went up back when gas went way up (gas has been down, relatively down at least, for ages.)
Bought DD fancy underwear to finish potty learning in (she's been dry in her trainers finally) - thought I had $__ left on an old gift card for "store i hate shopping at" so we went there instead of "friendlier and cheaper store". GC had a few cents on it (I'm guessing I forgot about an authorized DH shopping trip that must have used the rest.) On the bright side I can go back to not shopping there.
I would find something to sell, cut back, other source of income, but not touch an IRA (regardless of size relative to debt.) Especially when the market is still down eh?
There's no sink in my car, but there is a BBLP (he's picky about where he goes and won't just pee on a tire for me even if I'm in a discreet enough parking area for that... I drop a baby washcloth in the BBLP afterwards and wash stuff at home.) Plus now that he sits unsupported I can let him sit on it and... surf MDC next to him.
I'm thinking I could do a shawl for my mom, budget for the "secret santa" (the adults in my family just have to gift to one person/couple), hope for inspiration for DH, and that leaves my kids. I was thinking "shop ahead at yard sales" but that's so hard to do when they are with me 24 hours a day on the weekends... maybe homemade stuff is the answer (which I could do with them in school.) It's not like they will miss out on a remarkably large pile of presents from doting...
If you haven't already read, it, run don't walk to the library and check out the Complete Tightwad Gazette. Life-altering.
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