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I like Bella Luna on Facebook! Thanks for offering this giveaway! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!
I already "Like"--errr, love--Mothering! What a wonderful giveaway!
How wonderful! I would love to win one of these Beco Baby Carriers! My husband loves to babywear--it makes him feel close to our children, something that gives him the opportunity to create a special bond between him and the children in the first few years, especially when I share a close nursing relationship with the children.   When my husband babywears, we are often out and about, and he gets kudos from others, especially fathers (and elderly men!) who never...
I'm nursing my youngest still (she's three) but my oldest weaned when she was 3.5. I noticed that my periods became more regular and slightly heavier within a couple of cycles after weaning. My appetite also decreased slightly. It took over a year for me to completely dry up, and by that point, I was pregnant again, so I am not sure if that's what caused me to visually dry up or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Next time, don't ask, just signal your DH to bring the baby over, or just say "I'll be right back" and get the baby. I would not have thought to do that then, but it would be something that I would have thought of retrospectively.
I'm sorry you and your baby had to go through such a rough experience. After the exam and procedures had been completed, I would personally be more upset about being left alone for a long time after it was made apparent to the dentist that you needed to feed your child--he could have easily told you that you would be waiting for a while and that you could nurse in the lobby. I would also be ticked off that they told you your appointment was 30 minutes earlier than...
Can you pull the cloth parts off and throw them in the washing machine? If you can, wash on hot with tea tree and vinegar and scrub the other parts. Quote: Wash and use. It's much more environmentally friendly to wash thoroughly and reuse than it is to throw one out and buy a new one. And cost effective, too!
Quote: For the back, I think I'm going to write "LOVE, HER NAME" on the back in glue and let her glitter over it...because apparently I just love sweeping? Hey, me too! We do the cardstock thing too, though Martha Stewart Living has some cute and easy Valentine projects for kids: http://www.marthastewart.com/photoga...r-kids#slide_1 They always have great ideas!
Quote: Originally Posted by KYCat Just a quick comment from a TV watching vegetarian. It doesn't matter what you do that differs from the mainstream -- people assume that you think that they should be like you and that you are judging what they do. I wasn't a veg for a while because I didn't want people to say anything - I'm a real pleaser girl. Pot-lucks still stress me out because of the look on other people's faces. I promise to stop going on about...
It's been a while since I have been to this forum--I'm surprised you are still having problems! You mamas have posted some seriously good advice here! Remember: Keep your head high and don't give up. You have the power here--demand everything in writing and do not budge until you get it! Chances are they will just back down because you are within your rights!
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