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Complete Grade 1 package.  Originally $700.   Asking $500 or make offer.  All parts and pieces are included and are in excellent condition.
This has been sold. :-)
http://www.christopherushomeschool.com/First-Grade-Package-p/CHR1001.htm   Originally $225 - like new condition   Please pm if interested.   I'm also willing to trade/partial trade for a new or like-new  newer model breadmaker.  
I know this is an old thread, but I was searching about tics and wondering how your son was.
The more I read about giftedness, the more I see tics mentioned.  This gives me some relief as dd has some facial tics and some days they are worse than others.    If your child also experiences this would you mind sharing? 
Thanks for the responses everyone. :)   I know I won't find a comprehensive curriculum, but I need something "more."  I'm finding myself at a loss for words regarding what it is I'm looking for, and what it is I feel my dd needs.   EviesMom, thanks for that.  I'm glad to know that it will "fit" in a more Waldorf-(ish) way.    ChristaN, thanks for the Mensa link.  I'm going to check that out.
Is there a forum for those of us who homeschool gifted kids?   Do any of you have experience with MBTP for your gifted child?   I obviously need a new approach.  I've been using Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired curricula so far, and while it has served many wonderful purposes for us, it's not cutting it anymore.   I just ordered MBTP.  I hope this will be better!
I have not used Live Ed but I do use Enki. What you'll get for the price (for Kindy) - aside from the waldorf-ish things you already know like cycles and rhythms - is the sensory and neurological integration stuff. The movement verses, songs, and games, etc... To us, that was invaluable - esp. for my eldest. It has made a HUGE difference for her. And a big part of why I LOVE Enki so much. I use a combo of Christopherus and Enki for 1st and I just keep coming...
I am glad you all are enjoying the work! It is just not my cup of tea. (It's hard to know exactly what this entails until you take the exams.) My brain was on overload after just the first test and I knew then it was not for me. I do think it's a great WAH opportunity though! Good luck to you all!
Soy lecithin would NOT be okay. Kirkman labs has cod liver oil that does not include soy. I am rushing out but wanted to tell you to trust your instincts about everything mama and don't let others' sway you. YOU likely know more than the rest. If I were you I'd go completely soy, dairy and whatever else you tested for-free. I'd add a probiotic that does not have dairy - I cannot remember which ones are dairy free now but I'm sure you can easily find...
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