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Isn't growing food awesome? : This fall and winter we plan on taking down a bunch of trees in our side yard to open it up to more sunshine and more GROWING space. I'm ready for a REAL garden! I also can't wait to plant the fall stuff, esp. broccoli.
Thank you both. I haven't seen her poop today but I checked her vent and everything seems fine. I even checked her crop and that, too, is fine. I guess it was just from the heat/water intake.
I was not aware of this resale policy so I bought part of it used. Then I found that I *needed* the rest. So I contacted them. They were very gracious in working with me and crediting me the $ I had already paid and then I paid for the rest. In my experience I'd say you definitely need the 'whole package' in order to fully understand and implement the Enki approach. If you don't buy from them you DO miss out on the free consult w/the developer (which I had...
One of my americaunas has watery diarrhea. She is 4 months old - not laying yet - seems fine otherwise. We recently switched their food from the chick starter to whatever the "2nd stage" feed was at the feed store. I don't *think* that's the cause though b/c we switched this feed over a week ago and as far as I know the d. has only been the past 2 days or so. The other hens seem fine. Any ideas/thoughts? I spent some time reading over at the backyard chicken...
carseatqueen - it took me a while to get used to FL gardening too - much different than growing in the NE! This year is my first really productive year. In fact, dh and I were just dreaming about our winter garden and all the stuff we'll have. I'd really like to start seriously canning too.
Quote: Originally Posted by treehugginhippie Is it true that you don't have to send a letter of intent until your child is 6 yrs old when the school year starts in Aug/Sept? Yes, that's true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Talula Fairie You can use amaranth as a gf grain alternative You can even grind it into flour. It's also good as breakfast cerael or in soups (according to Viva Le Vegan). I just wonder though, is it a PITA to harvest? I mean will I be having to pick out tiny pieces of amaranth from amidst some kind of pod like thing?
Ick. Okra. But I might do some more pole beans. I have some still that are going strong, but more can never hurt. Found this list on a FL gardening forum:sweet potatoes, okra, yardlong beans, peppers, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, amaranth, etc. How cool that we can plant amaranth! I wonder what you do w/it though other than use it as a gluten free grain alternative?
I just asked this very question on our Zone 9 thread. Come join - it should be at the top now. My garden is doing awesome (I'm in FL) but I have some spots where I pulled up old yellow squash plants and recently some pole bean plants and I really want to plant something else without having to wait till the fall garden stuff. What about zucchini? That does pretty well zone 9 this time of year doesn't it? I CANNOT wait for broccoli this fall! ETA: I have not had...
How is everyone doing? We had an awesome garden this year. : I have small yellow squash plants that have not done anything yet (second rotation) and I'm hoping it's not too late. I just pulled up some green bean stalks that seem like they're done (though I'm not sure. . . how long are these supposed to produce?) My lettuce and cherry tomatoes are doing awesome! Carrots? Not so much. I don't seem to have much luck w/carrots. : Question for you all: Is there...
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