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Hi Lori, I have been thinking about you a lot lately and truly hoping that things had changed for your family and that your DH was feeling better. I am sad to hear that those things haven't happened. I understand about feeling like you were less 'clear' during previous labors and that may very well happen this time too but during my last birth (UC), I felt going into it that I was going to need to be a lot more 'with it', because we weren't going to have a MW around...
Hi, I just had an UC in AB and it was EASY!! Prior to the birth, phone vital stats and ask for a homebirth package. Let them know that a MW will NOT be providing the forms for you (they'll ask) they were great when I called and i got the pkg. in about a week. It contains instructions on what you need to do and the forms you need to register the birth. You can get a 'change of dependant' form from AB health OR wait until after the birth and phone them, they'll register...
Congratulations AngelBee!!! And sending BIRTHING vibes to you AmyJean!!! Thinking happy thoughts for you both hugs Angel
If you decide to stay home for the birth I doubt anyone will even notice. Have you pre-registered at the hospital? If you don't pre-register you have an even better chance of slipping through the cracks, otherwise, I suppose there's a chance that they'll notice you, (I don't really know though because I've never had a hospital birth), it seems to me that as busy as most Dr.'s, hospitals etc. are they wouldn't really notice 1 missing mom though. Maybe try skipping your last...
Yay! Happy birthing to you! The only thing I'd say about labor is to listen to your heart and your baby and ignore everything else!! You're doing great and you will have a beautiful new baby soon! HUGS HAVE a wonderful labor!!! Angel
I agree with all the other posters ... this happened to me after my last birth and everything came out without dramatic intervention I actually took a couple angelica root capsules because angelica root is supposed to help, (it's contraindicated during breastfeeding though ... not sure but I think it's because it works on hormones ... I only took 2 twice) ... I also took a little extra vitamin c and some colloidal silver. I'd suggest red raspberry leaf tea and lots of...
Aloha Lori I'm feeling alright ... the question is - how are YOU feeling hopefully wonderful and everything is going great. It's always nice to hear from you no matter where! {{hugs}} Angel
My UC was our 3rd baby. Our 1st 2 were home-waterbirths with a MW, (the same MW for both) and to an extent, I credit her for us chosing UC ... she's very relaxed and comfortable when it comes to pg and birth and really demystified a lot of things for me. I think we'd have come to it ourselves anyway though, hugs Angel
Thanks for your kind comments all. Also thanks to those who helped me out when I came here for advice about the retained stuff. hugs! Angel
We actually pronounce his name KEERdan. {hugs} Angel
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