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Thanks! I just found a box of my daughter's baby things, just a few beautiful WAHM diapers (First Class Baby, for the hyenas), a WAHM FCB diaper bag I deisgned custom for my SIL, and some clothing and a pouch sling I made, and packaged it with some CPFs and wool covers just handed down from my bff along with her baby hammock and ultimate baby sling for when we move and it was nice to have a box to write "Baby" on for the move! phew, run on sentence!  She also gave me a...
I figured we need one of these.   I didn't do anything today. I'm tired and having crazy dreams about everything.  Wish i had more to offer to start a chat, but I'm sleepy and unmotivated today!
Seconding tbarnett, the corpus luteum is the place in your ovary where you are making progesterone to nourish your endometrium and maintain this pregnancy, too!
Popping over from the May DDC, (I'm due May 1, so I will probably play here sometimes) and I just wanted to say that I LOVE the name Ariadne, what a lovely choice!
The Bay Area has a lot of unschooling families, but I've yet to find a community that isn't white, upper middle class hippies. :/ (trust fund hippies, if you will)
I don't think you're being derelict!
I am copying you! You don't live in California, do you? (I'd be so embarrassed if we showed up to the same party with the same costume!)
Every time we have shown up for SFBUN park days, it's almost entirely children 6 and under and my daughter plays by herself and then we leave :(    I'm also having a hard time connecting with any other families because it seems like only white middle class families home/unschool. Like, I know it's hard to have a parent out of work, but are there really ZERO working class homeschool/unschool families in the Bay Area?  It sucks that the community we are forced to hook...
I added floradix in case I miscarry, because if I hemorrhage again I really want high iron counts.  But I don't really feel like i need it, I'm just thinking ahead because looking and feeling like a vampire victim was not a fun way to spend the weeks after my last m/c.
beta hcg: 4wks3d/17dpo - 626 4wks5d/19dpo - 1498   I have lots of Beta tests in the system, but my intuition is telling me I don't need them, so I haven't gone to get any more.  I probably will tomorrow because my viability scan is on Monday and it will be nice to have results for that.
New Posts  All Forums: