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Nice, I like that.
I am craving Mediterranean food like yogurt, greek seasonings, lamb, tahini and so on.  And I'm really into this greek yoghurt drink that is tart, unsweetened yoghurt, fresh mint and fresh garlic.  But it's all dairy all the time over here, though I have had a nagging craving for Tom Kha Gai soup too!
I'm in a similar boat, my daughter is almost 10 and I just found out I'm pregnant after years of trying.  I plan to order from Green Mountain as well, which is actually a switch for me, because 10 years ago I was the epitome of a diaper hyena (a term coined here because of us crazed WAHM diaper freaks haha) but this time I am going a lot more low budget, plus I saved the most prized dipes in my stash, which I believe are vintage and even cooler now ;)
Check out the Adventure Playground while you're here - it's pretty amazing http://www.trekaroo.com/activities/adventure-playground-berkeley-california   I grew up in the East Bay, but lived in SF for 5 years till my daughter was almost done with kindergarten, then moved back to the East Bay and i don't miss SF at all!
We're in the East Bay too, and unschooling.  My daughter is almost 10, maybe we can get this bumped and get some older kids out for a park day too?
I live in the east bay but go to SF Kaiser because we used to live in SF and like our providers. I've had pediatricians at Walnut Creek Kaiser and Kaiser SF and all have been respectful of our vaccination (or lack thereof, really) choices. Our ped is Janet Stafford, and though she encouraged us to consider DTaP because of the new laws, she didn't push it and she's kind of a hippie and definitely supports all our other NFL practices.  We only see her once every 2 years or...
I have known Michelle Edgar for 10 years and I cannot recommend her highly enough!  (I have Kaiser, so I did fresh sperm inseminations, one IUI per cycle, I am pregnant now, not sure how that will help, but there it is!)
Why is it always math?  They never ask about plant identification or animal husbandry or something she's very familiar with. Always math! Speed math for standardized testing ruined math for my daughter, so she is really sensitive about how long it takes her. And she doesn't want to memorize the times table, even though she likes working on multiplication problems, which obviously is fine with me.  She likes working on "academic" things, as long as she is in charge of how...
Cytotec is not fun :(  I'll keep posted about these first visits. Looking forward to making this all more real.
I know! Isn't it amazing how fast it all sets in?  I've truly found that the first trimester is the hardest for me.
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