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  I feel the same way!       I do the same when I hear about a new pregnancy.  I finally started telling people this year (after all these years I was ready to have an explanation for why I gave the death stare at people when they asked me certain questions) about my infertility and what all I've been through.  It was after my ovarian drilling surgery.  I had explained it away by saying they were removing cysts, which is true, but I decided that if I was going to go on a...
Hey mama!  You may not remember me by this username, but I remember you!   So great to hear about your life!  PM me if you wanna.
Hi guys, I've been TTC on and off for 7 years.  I haven't had the luxury of having insurance cover treatment for much of that, so there have been long spells I couldn't see an RE.  I'm in week two of my tww after hMG/IUI, but they were looking for 5 follicles and got 2, so we'll see.  After doing this so many times, I don't feel hopeful.   It seems like everyone around me is pregnant or talking about a pregnancy of someone close to them.  And while that has probably...
I can't figure out how these soundboards work!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rach Mamma Mia, you are HILARIOUS, my friend! I can't remember word for word my favorite prank call, but I blogged about it shortly after it happened: LOL, it truly was a strange middle of the afternoon call. Oh man, that is so funny! I love when things like that happen to break up the monotony of the day. Quote: Originally Posted by SquishyKitty We have a Darth Vader toy that says different...
Quote: Originally Posted by aaronsmom : We're so terrible. What did he say? He told me that at first he was totally caught up in it and falling for it. Then when I said the bit about the Beatles he caught the Superbad reference and realized I was pranking him. So then he started playing along and saying things like, "Well, that's just the kind of guy I am. I'm really selfish." It was so funny!
And now I'm gonna get my buddy with the jilted one night stand call. Hee hee! I think i'm gonna make this a regular thing. edit: So much funny happened! I told him I thought we had something special, that when I looked into his eyes it was like the first time I heard the Beatles. Then i pretended to cry and said he should at least have the decency to help me pay for my abortion. So wrong, so funny.
I just called with Mike Hunt and he was like, "You're awesome. You totally made my day." And I kept pressuring him to page Mike Hunt in pro audio. Haha!
Oooh! Fortunately they all say their names when they answer, so i can be like, "Sean! How come you never called me? I had to track you down at work. It really hurts. I thought we had something special." HAHA! Keep 'em rolling!
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