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My friend is at work and really bored. He works at a music store and I said in honor of St. Patrick's Day (yeah, no idea how these things are related) I would prank call the store to entertain everyone. I called and talked to one guy and said that a young man named "Mike Rotch" was helping me the other day and I'd like to speak to him again. Me: Hi, I was in the store the other day and I spoke with a young man named Mike. I'm pretty sure his last name was...
It's so smooth and so good! And in the summer you can mix it with milk or water to make iced coffee or iced "espresso" drinks like lattes or even blended drinks. (To make a blended drink, fill a cup with ice, add about an ounce of toddy coffee, and an ounce of milk. Add chocolate (white chocolate) powder to the bottom of your blender and dump the cup of ice/coffee/milk in and blend on high briefly. Voila!)
Shoot. I did it once I think, but I can't remember how I did it!
Fun! I love double dating. I had a date Thursday night to a fondue party and I have a date tonight to a concert/burlesque show. (With a different guy )
Different than the soup guy, henceforth referred to as "R". I like them both in different ways! Last night was a date with M, someone I've known casually for awhile. Both are smart and funny and good looking, they just have different ways about them. And I don't have to pick! Last night after his sister's fondue party and meeting up with my bff for a drink around the corner, M walked me to this bridge in the park and we were totally making out on said bridge, and...
Oh my gosh, amazing date.
Ariel Gore! I want to beeeeeeee her!
I have to bring soup to the guy I'm dating because I got him sick, and then on Thursday I have a date with someone else. I am on fire, ladies. I've never done this before and it's soooooo fun!
I wanna know too!!!
Spring Sun- too bad my dd thinks this guy is the best thing since sliced bread! She won't shut up about him. Stirringleaf- I'm sorry, that's tough. As for me, dating is going well. I'm working on not getting attached or taking it seriously, and doing pretty well! I just got out of a 9 year relationship, so I am really not looking for serial monogamy at this point.
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