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Hey, I thought I'd pop in to this thread. I started dating for the first time in my life this month. I have a dilemma though. I met a guy while I was with dd. He works with kids and I met him on the bus on the way to the place he works. He chatted with dd and offered to get us into his work (where we were all on our way to anyway) and get us in for free. He ended up giving us a tour and hanging out to build sand castles with dd. She is crazy about him already. ...
I didn't have a crappy day, but I am ready to knock down a few Guinness myself! Sorry you and your little girl had to go through that. I remember freaking out in the car wash when I was about 4 years old. I can imagine it would be even harder for a younger child.
He definitely has a problem with alcohol abuse. It's a huge part of the reason we split. I agree that space is probably the thing that will help him get over the split. Is there a good way to bring it up with him?
I don't think masturbation in public is perverted if no one sees. I think it's pretty rad! It's not like she was some dude doing it in a way that victimized people. I know women that can uh... finish their business by leaning on the seam of their jeans and squeezing their thighs. I'm jealous of them! God I hope that isn't a UA violation.
Yeah, when i re-read my OP I realized I didn't specify that she was being driven by someone sober. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt! The boundary issue is gonna come up a lot for awhile I think. But I'm trying to be firm while being polite. I'm co-dependent in nature and history, but i'm really really trying to break the cycle!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ione Chiming in late, but... I don't think a child should have the responsibility of deciding the who, when, where and whats of visitation and custody. I think the parents need to say "this is your time with me and that is your time with the other parent". That said, once there is a schedule/framework in place, I fully believe that it is best if the parents are both equally flexible in response to spontaneous requests from...
My daughter was driven by her sober grandparent back to her grandparents home. He had little contact with her until he'd sobered up. Certainly less contact than before, when he just came home that way. He was not in charge of her care until he was cleaned up and sobered up. And I have a lot of faith in his parents to make sure of that. Everything went fine. Dd played with her cousins and reports back to me that they "didn't even have one little argument." She has no...
Things have been going so well. There was one day where he was late too work because he was recovering from a night of drinking, but it was early on in our breakup and seemed like it worked out okay. Today he was supposed to pick up dd after work. He didn't have his phone, he has no idea where it is. I missed his calls from the payphone and he left voicemails instead of calling me back. I had his dad pick me up and bring me back to my building where xdp was supposed...
I clean up the toilet seat too!
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