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Quote: Originally Posted by sarahn4639 Thanks for the welcomes! Jillybeans- we have good taste!! Maybe we can do it again, how about this month? Does that work for you? I usually have a 10 day LP, does that mean I can test on the 10th day or do I need to wait longer for a positive? It hasn't been that long since I've done this but I don't remember anything!! I think this was already said, but to avoid a false negative, it's probably...
Amandamarie- hope that O comes for you soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by CathToria You've already gotten good advice, but you can also try nursing against gravity.... recline a bit on you rback and put baby on top of you so the milk has to flow upward. HTH That is really good advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by naturegirl Stupid question...what is subbing? : Still no O. I think. cm has basically dried up but temps haven't changed? Although I don't know how reliable they are with a night nursing toddler? Happy Hallowe'en! Subbing is subscribing to the thread. If you post, you get subscribed, so when there are new posts it will show up in your CP and if you choose to get email alerts you will get them. Are you...
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybeans omg my 11mo dd just turned on the radio, wtf? Brb with my post..... she thought she was in trouble! Af is over today for me, so now i get to start the scope again. Thanks mia for opening the new thread. Sorry everyone for breaking the record.... : You don't have anything to be sorry about!
Quote: Originally Posted by PajamaMama I would not have left the kids with a hotel sitter, but if I were going to be traveling like that with the same group of people I am *SURE* I would have worked out some kind of kid care swap with one of the other wives. : Even better, have Mama's Night Out and leave the kids with the partners!
I don't really see a problem with hotel sitters from a reputable agency in theory, but there is an older woman (60s?) in my building who chain smokes and is an alcoholic who is a sitter for a reputable agency. I'm sure she doesn't smoke around the kids, but I am nearly positive she needs to maintenance drink and she is really a wreck. I feel for her, but I politely refused her offers to sit my dd. I think to myself that at least she is locked in a hotel room with the...
I'm crampy tonight and I'm 6dpo! I should really, really not psyche myself out for this one. I am just soooo not looking forward to another round of clomid.
I saw some of this stuff being discussed in a clomid thread and I thought I'd give a little bump. I am still uber irritable and can cry over anything. None of my reactions are my own. It sucks. At what point in the cycle does this end?
I started a new thread here because I'm a late riser and I plan to have a lot of fun on halloween night! You can start posting in it now or wait until it's officially November. As for me, I am crampy and I am really really hoping it's implantation and not AF after a short lp. We'll see. I'm visualizing tonight before bed. See y'all in November!
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