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You can do nothing to help your family come to their senses...except pray. Let God do it in His time. It is so hard to wait, but His time is always better than ours.
DaryLLL- It's been a few days, but now that I have a moment to respond... Yes, it is about free will. God knows what everyone needs, but He isn't going to force people to be in relationship with Him. Each of us has the choice to choose Him or not.
Thanks for your responses everyone, it is nice to hear that others have done this and have had good experiences. One more question, how do you know if you are working with a reputable program? It seems obvious to me that if it is through a recognized University it is most likely reputable, but there are so many programs from places I've never heard of, how do I choose? Thanks again- Pussycat
Here here Staci (in regards to your rant ) Pussycat
I will pray for you, let us know what happens!
I am looking into taking some on line classes to finish my degree, but feel very overwhelmed with all the options and by the thought of working completely independantly. Have any of you taken on line classes? Any thoughts or suggestions you could send my way? Thanks- Pussycat
Hi- I will try to explain my situation a bit, w/o getting to long. I had our first baby in France 5 years ago. My husband and I had three other couples we were friends with, all with first babies with in 6 mo. of each other. We were all ex-patriort Americans, none of the moms really spoke much French at all. So, although we hadn't known each other for years and years, we were very fast close friends. I thought this would be great- we would all hang together and...
Hi Rachel- It sounds like the people running the church that you left really have a connfused idea about Christianity. I'm glad you have found a church you like. My thought regarding which church to go to, the four square, or the one with possible job opportunities is two fold. First, my mil was a parish nurse, a paid position, in one church, but was a member of another. She did this on purpose because the church she was a member of fit her spiritual needs better,...
But who determines what is ultimately right and wrong? What is right for me may be considered horribly wrong by someone else- and even if we are all getting in touch with our own divinity, I would bet there would still be that conflict. Pussycat
The New Testament has human beings' sins out in black and white just as much as the Old Testament. Pussycat
New Posts  All Forums: