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My children are special to me but don't have any "special needs". But I have a 4 year old brother born with Downs. He's been through so much. He had open heart surgery at 4 months. He is one of the coolest kids I know. He has great teachers and physical therapists but any info and support that I could find would be awesome. Anything to help me be a better big sister! Plus I'm sure that my parents would love to take advantage of this too! Peace
CanOBeans , Thanks that does help. Where can I buy Arnica. It sounds like a must have. Thanks, Elizabeth
CanOBeans, What is Arnica? I've been needing to get my wisdom teeth taken out for a while now and am so scared of the aftermath. Also, What problems did they have from general? Thanks!! "I'm a scardy-cat!!"
As if she was one line and reading these threads, my daughter, 5, announced to me yesterday, "Sippy cups are for babies. May I have a big cup?" So we are offically using big girl cups. Elizabeth
We still use sippy cups occasionaly. My dd is 5 and she loves them. She seems to drink more water out of a sippy cup during a hot summer than she does with a regular cup. We don't, however, make it a point to have her drink out of a sippy all the time. She gets much experience from straws, open cups and sports bottles. Comment on the hard to suck from - I don't use Playtex. Thay are very hard to suck from AND they're more expensive! I can't remember the name off...
I don't think there's anything that my daughter plays with that I wouldn't allow my son to enjoy. I think dolls are fine with boys. My 5 mo. old son loves to slobber all of the face to his cabbage patch kid soft baby. He's so intrigued with the facial features(for 15 seconds at a time). I do wonder when/if my son will ever ask to play with all the beautiful play dresses that my daughter loves. And if he does what do you say there???
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