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I need to buy a new bag for my son to use when getting books at the library. He tends to get 20-30 books and the bag he's using now is too small. The bag he used before (a freebie type) ripped.  Any good ideas on where I could find a larger canvas bag for him to use?  I would prefer to not spend more than $10.  
We are very laid back in K.  I make up some lesson plans using www.lessonpathways.com and she does a lot of exploring on her own with www.brainpopjr.com, www.starfall.com, pbskids, shepparsoftware and www.learningplanet.com with a few others occasionally.  The rest is just answering questions, playing, etc.  We do a bit of handwriting if she feels like it. I like Italic
Talk to the teacher and get her input. But, the superintendent at our district told us that he prefers for "summer babies" to wait a year to go to K. He says that they tend to do better waiting a bit to mature. It really shows at 2nd grade and beyond. And it's better for them to wait to start kindy rather than get held back in 2nd.
The local Scottish Festival is coming up. We'll be going to it again this year. DD1 and DS1 both perform at it with their clogging team. I would like to make it part of our "school" this year also. I just want to cover a few things the week before and the week after to tie it together a bit. Give them a few things to think about. So far I have a couple baking ideas for DD2 (my kindergartner). We'll make short bread and Scotch Teas (yum!) I found a nice article for...
My 4.5 year old is learning about skip counting and equal amounts. We are also looking at books about pond animals because she loves frogs, ducks, turtles, etc. Today she learned that you don't try to hang from a wet swing set in the rain (I hope she learned anyway. *sigh*). My 8 year old is learning more about mammals. I think he has checked every book about any mammal possible in the last few months, but we are seeing what else there is to learn. He's also learning...
Just wanted to update that DH brought home a test and it was a BFN. Not sure what's going on. DH is rather disappointed. So am I for some reason. I really don't want to go through pregnancy again or do the newborn thing all over. I'm so happy that DS2 is a year old and moving past so much of that. Still, a bit sad over the BFN.
I expected my period on Sunday and it still hasn't showed. Yesterday I started some very very light, brown spotting and if I check my cervix/cm I get some brown mucus. I have some slight cramping. DS2 is 13 months old and nursing a decent amount, but it didn't seem to affect my past 3 cycles. (I took the IUD out in June) Each of those cycles were typical for me. About 5 days of bleeding (starting with bleeding, no spotting) and about 26 day cycles. I'm on CD 30...
I live in Kansas and it's pretty simple. Just register as a "private school" and you are done.
Ours is Family First Primary School because a main reason we are home schooling is so we can put family first.
I eased the transition (for both of us) by starting with them each doing half an hour of "school" every day in the form of educational games online. They were so used to that (and usually did more like an hour) that it was not such a big deal when we started doing different school stuff. Much of ours is still online (I use Lesson Pathways) but we have worksheets and projects too.
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