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I agree, how in the world can you just roll over on a 15 month old in the course of regular sleep? Had to be something else going on there. As a side note though, my 15 month old acrobatic co-sleeper (who is now 21 months and still co-sleeping) did give me a black eye when HE rolled over and kicked me with his foot/heel! No one ever talks about the dangers to the parents, do they?!?
My DS is 21 months and his favorite toy is his kitchen and play food. He loves the blender we just got him too. Oh, should I mention his baby doll and shopping cart? I actually used a box and ribbons to rig a car seat in the back bucket of his little cozy coupe car so baby can go with us on walks! He has all kinds of toys. He absolutely *LOVES* trucks and construction equipment too. I am so not worried about the whole "girly" thing. I say stick to it and get him...
You should check with the actual school bus company regarding seatbelts. I taught for 10 years and ALL of our school busses had seat belts. Perhaps it depends on the company that manufactured the bus?
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