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I only vaguely scanned the previous posts, but didn't see Colorama mentioned. It's a Ravensburger game and great fun for littles.
We very much limit our structured activities in favor of childhood. We usually only do one, activity at a time, if it is weekly. Right now has a nature club he belongs to that meets one Saturday a month and storytime once a week and that works for us. I am not a big fan of overscheduling children and definitely follow my son's interests. If he were to ask for something, sure we would look into it and see how to best meet his interest, but often times that doesn't...
For meals and most snack, yes. However, we do picnics in the family room, snacks on the sofa with a book, etc. But for the most part food is at the table, but since our table is in the middle of our kitchen/family room (open floor plan) it's not like an isolated area.
Quote: Originally Posted by nina_yyc I would ask for examples of how she would handle your most common scenarios. From there you can discuss similarities and differences in how you would handle things. This. I know when I nannied it was hard for me to find a family that shared my views as well. Point is, they are out there, it is just a matter of finding your match. Good luck and I hope you find a great match in you upcoming interviews.
I just did the exact same thing at a couple of the elementary schools in our area. I didn't have an problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnieA Well on the surface, I would agree with you that the actual problem is the debit-style program rather than the chocolate milk. But really what is happening is that we, as grownups, are asking small children to make rational, reasonable decisions that they are just not capable of. I feel that part of my job as the grownup caring for children is to help them work through why or why not certain food choices are being...
Every chance we get, but my ds enjoys being in the kitchen and has always been that way. He has become quite a little chef and makes a mean loaf of bread and killer chocolate chip cookies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife I wouldn't call that over-protective b/c I would be the same with the rocks and BBQ situations, and I tend to be pretty permissive/lenient/trusting/risk taking with my kids in many settings. They get quite a bit of freedom and space (especially the 6 & 8 yo) but anything overly dangerous is when I get leery and don't let them have as much slack. I couldn't have said it better myself.
We've never gone to the movies (dh and I don't either..ever) so no experience with that. However, my sone was 6 months old when I started taking to him to local concerts, 2 for his first child geared play (but a full on stage production play for elementary aged children), and 2 for the symphony's youth program (the sit down forum, not the move around type of concerts they have). He is the type of kid who did fine in all of these scenarios, but I do think there is a big...
I don't know specifically about the scenario you are referencing, but here is a link that gives you some jump points for discussing art with children. http://life.familyeducation.com/muse...ion/36139.html
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