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Our gap is really really tiny, to be honest. We have a set of ideals that we all live by and it works for us. Now, my ds isn't in school, and I suspect that once he is in kindergarten (next year) the gap may widen since we won't have complete control over his environment, etc. We just take it one day at a time and live with what works for us.
Quote: Originally Posted by reillys_mom What's worse than cheap plastic toys? Expensive plastic toys! They still break, have little pieces that come off and kids can't put back on, and you feel guilty just giving them away. $150 in Bruder trucks and every one of them has something not working. I hope this is not the beginning of my MIL not respecting our family rules. I'm surprised at this too. We have 11 different Bruder's and nothing...
Quote: Originally Posted by newbymom05 Does anyone else have a problem your kids removing and losing hair? I swear, I should be picking up scalps all day long, since 90% of our men have no tops to their heads. I have no idea where they get to. If I ever saw a box for sale w/ just scalps, I'd buy it out. (Vent over ) This made me crack up, becuase yesterday we spent 20 minutes looking for one of ds's Playmobile dolls hair. What is up with...
It doesn't phase me at all. Santa came to my son's preschool, they made dreidels and his Hannukah star is on the top of one of our Christmas trees (he insisted!). They lit the kinara for Kwanzaa and read books about the seven principles. They made a pinata and learned about Christmas in Mexico. Last month they learned an Indian dance and made clay pots when learning about Diwali. Santa was about 10 minutes out of a month of celebrations and learning about...
Lurker here (long story) but I saw this and thought I'd send you this link since I was just looking at it yesterday. These are the standards for Michigan, so you might check your state website and see if they have something simliar. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/Kdg_Math_141493_7.pdf I found New Jersey's, just for your reference. http://www.state.nj.us/education/njp...ade/Math_K.doc
Have you read the book "The Trouble With Boys?" This is the exact topic this book discusses and as the mother of a very active young boy, it really resonated with me. Gave me some good information for being an advocate for my completely normal little boy.
Another good one along those lines is "The Way of Boys" by Anthony Rao.
I have absolutely no family nearby and when my ds was the age of your babe I had no friends here either. I would just stay home in this situation. The newborn is a whole different story, and I totally agree that the mama should be able to bring a babe that young who will more than likely be asleep the whole time anyway. Just my two cents. Sorry your feelings are being hurt by your family.
My ds was a climber and I just made sure he had lots of safe places to climb, redirecting him from unsafe places. I used to take every cushion and pillow in the house and make huge mountains in our family room for him to climb. He would squeal in delight as he climbed. Also lots of park playground climbing time. At five years old, he still *loves* to climb, but it is limited to the park, our wood pile, rock walls, or these really cool huge climbing rocks they have at...
My five year old ds loved it.
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