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No Ordinary family looks good, maybe The Event, but it depends on how quickly that one picks up. Flash forward(as an example) moved SO slow, that I just didn't care anymore and stopped watching.
I've had quite a few Amazon packages come to me that way(when I use super saver shipping)
You could also try going to Kmart to see if you can find any of the $36 Safety 1st Avenues, or EFTA's. i would probably install the infant seats more upright if you could, at that age I put the recline foot all the way up for my DS(who was in his SafeSeat 1, the predecessor to the Snugride 32, until he was nearly 2 years old)
I agree, you need to know how to install and un-install the seat. Go to this link, http://www.nhtsa.gov/cps/cpsfitting/index.cfm Make an appointment, and make sure the technician instructs you on installing the seat.
Highlight to read: I don't think Rory is really dead, I mean he is in the current "timeline" but there's something about that crack, and how it keeps appearing. Plus the Doctor pulling a piece of the Tardis out of it? It just screams alternate time line to me.
I would do a few newborn covers, the cord notch is really necessary. Newborn proraps were the only newborn covers that ever worked for us, there is no cut out on the Bummi's so I couldn't use those until his cord fell off.
Make sure you read their feedback really well, if they don't have much feedback, don't buy. I personally make my own fitted diapers(and just recently PUL covers) because I'm too cheap to have someone make them for me. LOL
put it in the jar, and microwave it for 30 seconds, that should melt it sufficiently. I also add a few drops of baby soap to the mixture.
I like double layered for cashmere too. It basically makes for a bullet proof pair of woolies. I made DS a pair of yoga pants with 2 layers of cashmere, and they're great for night time use.
I love flannel. Easy to find, sew, and tons of cute prints. I've only sewn with PUL on a limited basis(mostly, recycling old covers into cloth pads), and even that little bit made me twitch.
New Posts  All Forums: