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dont forget the updated thread!! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=665552
Quote: Originally Posted by mom2005 We watch Cardinals baseball on TV every time its on. Last week we took DD (17 months) to a minor league game in our town. I pushed the stroller right up to the fence and she said "Bay-ball" meaning baseball. She had never said it before! every hockey goalie is "turco!!" as in marty turco from the dallas stars.
Quote: Originally Posted by beachbaby DD (18 mos) recognizes the 'Law and Order' theme song... it's the ringtone on my phone for DH (he's a detective), so whenever she hears it, she yells "DADA!!!" my son knows all the lorders too. if he sees any of the actors he says "lorder!!" like sam waterson the the TD ameritrade commercials or one time chris maloney read a story on noggin.
Quote: Do you definitely want a wrap as opposed to a pouch, ring sling, or mei tai? something that will provide the support so i can be in the pool with my infant and leave my hands (for the most part) free for my toddler. it's got to be easy to put on and off. im thinking something maya wrap-ish - i could have sworn i saw one when i was looking at baby carriers before lucien was born.
i could have sworn i saw one online or heard about it but my google-fu is sucky tonight. we will be spending a lot of time in the pool (like the end of this month until september) and will be using it everyday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pepperdove (they are the types that have a TV in every room... often all on!) are you sure we dont have the same in-laws? ugh. it's so annoying.
how is everyone doing? this last week has been a trial. i think lucien has an ear/sinus infection and has been, what i can only politely say, a handful. marcus is such a calm, easy baby, on the other hand i feel im neglecting him. i rush through diaper changes instead of talking to him because lucien's having a meltdown. when im not wearing him because i need to have my hands free for lucien, he's in his swing or bouncy seat cause all i want to do is sit on my butt...
this thread's getting pretty long. im gonna start a new one for may.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Poot [/B] You need to nightwean her now. She is old enough to understand that Mama needs her rest. You cannot and SHOULD NOT let this damage the family dynamics in your house. IAWTC. it was only AFTER nightweaning that my toddler started sleeping through the night
for the last week (and it's been an issue for longer) lucien will be drowsy but just will not nod off. at this point, nursing to sleep isnt helping anymore. he will just suck and suck and suck with his eyes half open, or worse, super wide-eyed like he's forcing himself to stay awake. he dawdles. he wants a book, wants to nurse again, notices the fan is not on, wants water, etc. he will settle down his eyes will close and then he pops up again and rolls over. ...
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