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Your story made me cry. You are amazing! I understand completely. Those people who commented about where you ended up have no idea. You had a healing wonderful home birth with your twins.
This is stunning to me since John McCain spent many years as a POW. It is incredibly sad that his experience did not lead to more self-reflection.The whole thing is just awful. All those families... Just so sad.
What is that date?
What is that date?
LOL about your DH seeing you checking your line, sunshinelove. I had my DH take a picture of it for me!! I had a precipitous birth yesterday. We were at the hospital for a non stress test, and I had to leave in the middle of it to come home to have my baby! It was crazy and wonderful. Baby Simon born two hours after the partial NST!
So happy for chocolatechip! Good luck, MrsBerkeley! I really hope it's soon for me, too!
Hey fellow late ladies! I am still here, too! Tons of prodromal labor. Ctx come for a few hrs 10 minutes apart and then go away. Will it ever happen? My most exciting thing is mucus plug and bloody show, like, 1/2 a cup's worth. With my other three kids, I didn't lose that until a couple of hours before baby, in active labor. This is so weird. Something to amuse you... Do a google search for blue line dilation or purple line dilation. There is a reddish/purplish line...
I had other plans for my TM. You know all the usual things, health, happiness, etc. but now, I am asking for the biggest thing of all... I thought I would have my baby two weeks ago, and I'd be treasure mapping with my kids and a newborn. Now, I am totally shifting! I am going to TM about a healthy baby and mom and a peaceful birth. We have to go to the hospital bc my MW had to go out of town, and so that is a hiccup, but I am sure Mars can push us into a favorable...
Good luck, chocolatechip! I am one day behind you, so I hope I'm next! Can't wait to hear of your babe!
I'm still here, too. If I don't have this baby by Monday, it is a hospital birth bc my MW is going out of town. I am going crazy! This is my fourth! What's the deal!?
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