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I believe the adjustments help Baby to get into optimal position. I am having them, too and am at the same stage as you. I was telling DH..."I know the chiropractic adjustments will make for a quicker birth, but oh! My bladder and cervix!" I do perceive some twinges with movement to be my cervix, but it could also be the sensation you describe. I hope we both have quick, easy births! I am a VBAC mom, too. I was inspired reading your story. I had two home births, then a...
It sounds wonderful! I know you're all enjoying you sweet family this evening!
I think, especially if you tolerate it well when not pregnant, it is a better, and safer choice than zofran.
I second Elana's Pantry. Almond flour has a natural sweetness that allows you to use less sweetener. My children love this chocolate cake: http://healthyindulgences.net/2009/05/healthy-chocolate-cake-with-a-secret/. It is made with puréed beans! It is moist and delicious. Honestly, the baked items we make now taste so much richer and more complex. This lady's blog actually very seldom uses any kind of GI impact sweetener. Mainly combos of stevia and erythritol, and she has...
I don't know much about Tourette's specifically, but I can tell you that it is on the autism spectrum with ADD and ADHD. My brother (age 45) has no diagnosis, but he has the behavior you describe. He is on the spectrum, for sure, but I don't know where. Good luck in your search for answers. You might google the work of Abram Hoffer, ADHD and niacin. Blessings to you.
Wow! Can't wait to hear more. This is wonderful! Congratulations!
How do you know which kids are picky and which have issues? Oh, right you can't know from looking. I had no idea my two boys had ASD until my oldest was 7. It's a good thing I was concerned enough to look more deeply rather than just deny them food.1 in 33 people today have sensitivity to gluten. That is a pretty high number.I am in favor of strong boundaries, but I guess I feel triggered by "my way or the highway tactics."
Is your friend depressed, do you think? I would speak with her sincerely and try to brainstorm together what to do. She needs to know someone cares about her and the situation.
Thanks so much, everyone. I agree, it is important to have a good understanding of homeopathy before getting started. And I feel I do. I am getting the oxytocin test, and doing MTHFR testing, as well. I feel that is helpful info to have. And then proceed with homeopathy.
Yes, I do. I often send gift apps to my nephews. What I wonder is how would the grandparents know what to give without some kind of wish list from the recipient. I send stuff that my kids are using and enjoying, but my mother would have no idea what to send, YK?
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