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I am very excited, and I am not even a Catholic anymore. Francis! My most favorite saint. Humble, loves the poor, embraces liberation theology, and... Who doesn't love the Jesuits?! This choice is a great move for the whole world, in my opinion. A pope who is more in alignment with the loving, compassionate energy of God.
We have them turned off. Generally, I find the virtual items to be addictive for the kids and problematic. My kids have $$ to spend on iTunes every month and they have recently learned that they get more for their money by not buying stuff like "gems". My older kids are only 6 and 9, but even they see the trickery behind in app purchases (for the most part). We do subscribe to Farfaria and we all love it.
I believe your doctor could order it, but you can also order a kit yourself from Dr. Ben Lynch's website. Again, I haven't done it yet, but I am planning to do it through Ben Lynch. Cost and all that is on there. Of course, I can't remember pricing, but it wasn't insane or anything.
I am using Dr. Christopher's. I am 37 + 4. I have definitely noticed stronger ctx. This is my first pregnancy using these herbs. I'm optimistic! Anything for a quicker, easier birth!
I PM'd you!
Hi Katielady, thanks for checking on me. Yes, I am a go right now for my HBAC! So excited. We had a little breech drama for a few weeks, but now are good to go. The was a good program (short) on our local NPR station about the midwife situation here. It would be great to get more community awareness going.
You might look into MTHFR testing. This is where we are-- haven't done it yet, but just about to. I have read that knowing what mutations might be present, and then taking the correct supplements (methylated or not) makes all the difference in the world.
I absolutely love it! They show the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it is all so beautiful.
http://www.lindleyfarmandranch.com/ This is in Mineola. I have never been there, and only discovered it after my mother moved to Nacogdoches. But, they have the variety of milk that is less allergenic, and is recommended for ASD kids who can't tolerate "regular" raw milk. There is also a doctor in Tyler that I would love to see sometime: Dr. Peter deWet he is an integrative physician. I live in NC, but I am from this area (Tyler).
Wonderful! Thank you! I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye.
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