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Some people can pick up a taste difference in stainless steel. We got the big berkey because I prefer metal to plastic, I wish we had gotten the Imperial though it would be nice not to have to refill it so often. 
Do you have one of those magnetic disks that let you use non magnetic cookware on induction? The only ones I've seen are 8 inches. I'd have to measure my pressure canner but I'm sure it's at least 12 inches, probably more in width. You could do a test run and pressure can some water and see how well it maintains pressure with the magnetic disk. 
I see a lot of old faces in this thread. My daughter is 24 now. I read the magazine when my daughter was a baby and when we finally got the internet I looked up the site. I was here before the crash with a different username I can't remember anymore.   Ok I still have a problem with ETA's lol
Do you need to make any recipe changes when using home milled wheat flour instead of commercial whole wheat flour? I'm thinking maybe the fresh flour might effect the amount of liquid needed? I don't know, just asking. 
I don't know of any that are induction capable. I really don't think using an induction disk is a good idea. I'd either pressure can on an outside gas burner or get an electric hotplate to use inside. 
Cool, so all the people that don't want to work can give their jobs that those that do, considering we have a projected 1% growth rate for the next couple years. 
I was veg and then went vegan. I went back to an omni diet after I had cancer, and had lost my appetite for months and couldn't keep food down. Once I was diagnosed and getting treatment I craved meat. Of course I was able to digest it. I haven't even looked back. In fact it's been over 10 years since I went back to eating meat. 
What do you mean what Church? As a Catholic do you not believe what the Church teaches in the CCC 74-100 and also that the Church was founded at Pentecost? 
I usually do but not this year. We were forced to move ( due to dh job) somewhere I don't want to live and dh is having life threatening health issues. I'm really trying. I did joyfully shop for gifts. Maybe if I put on some Christmas music and bake some family Christmas recipes it will help? I don't know, I'm still trying to stay off of the secular Christmas season that starts in November and ends Christmas day and stay with the liturgical season, and it's still Advent....
Costco. The quality of the meat and clothing is much better. I have a membership to both as well. 
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