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Yes, Williams Sonoma has the exclusive on the 16 cup version only. From Cuisinart's website the bowl sizes on the 14 cup version are 14-cup Large Bowl, 11-cup Medium Bowl, and 4½-cup Small Bowl with Pour Spouts & Measurement Markings. There is also a 12 cup version of the Elite with 12-cup Large Bowl and 4-cup Small Bowl with Pour Spouts & Measurement Markings. 
 Feel free to buy the smaller 14 cup version of the Elite from another seller then. Whatever. 
I have no problems cleaning it. I read the complaints too. Honestly, some people will complain about anything. I have gotten stuff in the top between the lid and the seal. It's simple to get out though, just run water through the little holes they put in the lid just for this purpose. 
This is my dream. For as long as I could remember I wanted to get married, have kids and stay home. Sure some other stuff sounded good, like being an archeologist or a marine biologist but they never were my dream. I always thought I'd go back to school and do something with my life, but now that I'm not full time parenting because my kid is over 21 I realized I still love being a homemaker. 
I had that KA processor linked previously for about 4 years, until I broke it. Honestly for 50 dollars difference there is no comparison to the Cuisinart Elite.  Yes it is. Here is the link to it   Features listed on their site     High-capacity, heavy-duty processor with an ultrapowerful motor. Three interchangeable bowls (16-cup, 13-cup and 4 1/2-cup cap.). Easy-to-clean electronic touch-pad controls feature a pulse function. Separate setting dedicated to...
I've had both over the years, now I have the Cuisinart Elite 16 cup which replaced my KA one I broke. They have really improved FPs with the Elite. 
I can my homemade bbq sauce. I just follow the time in the Ball canning book for their recipe. Which IIRC is 15 minutes BWB method. I'd need to double check though to be sure of the time. 
I used to do a bunch of Bonnie Bell lip smackers but dd realized she is allergic to something in their formula. They were a big hit otherwise. Shell on nuts and oranges are a tradition in my family. As are little candy treats of some kind, usually now I do Lindt chocolates and truffles. If they will fit I'm going to put the new Klean Kanteen steel pint cups with a carabiner and silicone ring in each stocking. I bought the party pack set they had on sale the other day. 
Only read the OP but What? The rest of them I'd kinda blow off but this is just.....I'm speechless.   
Wow. Just wow.    Too bad.
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