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I don't consider myself a SAHM anymore since I don't have any minor kids at home to care for. I'm more a housewife or homemaker I haven't decided which to use. I thought I'd go back to work once we were done HSing and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and as it got closer I realized I am doing what I want to do. So barring some dire financial need I don't plan to work again. 
I'm neutral on it. I grew in the era of feminism that rejected it as antiquated. You are free to choose your own moniker but I don't feel the need to reject the term. I'm kind of between identifiers at the moment. SAHM isn't applicable since my kid is grown but I'm still parenting. For myself, either homemaker and housewife are fine. 
I think it's none of my business. 
The way I brought it up? Someone posted a general statement of being horrified without any qualifier as to what they were horrified about and I commented that I was horrified to and said why. Regardless some of us realize that "support" does not mean that one has to agree with every action and decision of any group. You've never disagreed with the actions of an elected official you voted for or for the actions of a group member you belong to? I find that hard to believe,...
I've seen blue ones are Cost Plus sometimes. And I forgot to say before I also vote no on the eye dropper. 
My secular argument: to out breed the no population growth crowd LOL. 
I can't even imagine the pain of losing someone I love to suicide. I have no advice other than try and be gentle with yourself and if you can with those around you that are also suffering. Your family is in my prayers, I'm so sorry for your loss. 
Who's arguing? I would have have thought that everyone at MDC would be against violent protest and violent acts against lawful peaceful protests regardless of the group.
You said it much better than my attempt in my previous post. 
See in that example I see it as making it obvious what a snarky bitch the person telling the story is.    Obviously I didn't mean you, since it's clearly a hypothetical example.
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