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huh? If the school hired a security guard it would result in a lockdown. Doesn't make any sense. 
I left 20 years ago and I haven't looked back. That place is a cesspool IMO. 
This country is just not going to outlaw MGM anytime soon, as much as I wish that we would. In fact I think they would just sacrifice girls rather than make a law giving equal protection. 
Are we talking about a security guard?   I'm asking because I know some schools do have them and the OP posted        
That is us too.    I'd love to cook a big dinner, and when we lived closer to church I could but now it's just not feasible since we don't even get out of liturgy until noon, then we are starving from not eating and it's out to lunch and by the time we get home it's nearing 3 pm. 
If you are really worried you can do multiple backups for safety. Like burn a copy to disk, another copy on an external drive and another copy in the cloud. How much data are we talking about? Personally cloud storage just isn't a realistic option for me, I've got 300 gigs just in my iTunes folder. Of course now that we can finally redownload iTunes purchases I guess I don't have to worry so much about back ups.    I've yet to lose both my main hard drive and my back...
/signed   I can't stand it too. 
Have you asked him for his wish list? Cooking stuff is so unique to the cook.     I have a kitchen aid mixer and what I really want is the electrolux dlx aka now called the verona assistant 
Thanks lilyka. Our priest has been sick so I haven't had a chance to ask. I did some further reading online after googling it and read some discussions about how fasting specifics may be different in various jurisdictions due to local diet. 
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