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Ok thanks, I was just wondering as I was looking up fasting info online recently and was confused by seeing olive oil specifically mentioned in some stuff and just oil mentioned in others. 
Can someone answer this question for me. When fasting from oil, is it all oil or just olive oil? I'm confused because I've come across olive oil specifically mentioned but usually just the word oil is used.     
I'm really sorry. I hear you and I agree with what you've posted. I have no useful advice though. I have a much younger sister too and when she was high school and young adult age she basically saw me as mom. Which was understandable as I already was a wife and mother. She dated some big time losers, like men that were on parole from prison and dead beat dads. But, I see those as separate issues than the creepy and criminal guys your sister is dating. a 40 year old man...
  That is one of the reasons that my kid was not the primary topic of conversation for me here. She is 21 now, and was around 10 when I first came to the forums. I did appreciate that the magazine, which I started reading when she was a baby, was not limited to just pregnancy and young children. 
It's completely dead here now, and not just in TAO. I went to view new posts, for the heck of it, and at the bottom of the first page was a new post from 45 minutes ago. That would be unheard of a few years ago. 
Are you planning on keeping her in a bubble? Don't you already take her to the park? The grocery store and shopping? We never did anything different just because we are no vax. 
http://www.hermancain.com/999plan   Well there is his site where he lays it out. I haven't heard him say anything about it later shifting to a 30% VAT and I've watched all the debates. Personally I'm not a fan of the plan because I don't trust the Feds enough to give them a NEW SALES TAX. I haven't heard anything about how he plans to fund social security with the payroll tax removed, but then Obama has already screwed over social security by reducing the payroll...
We switched to executive from our regular business membership a few years ago. It has been worth it for us. Plus I save a bunch with their car insurance program. 
I don't know how to fill out feedback for it from iPad. I hadn't been coming here from my iPad, but last night I tried to when I was surfing from bed LOL and it crashed safari again.  
Glad to hear you got out of your MILs and that thinks are going well!
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