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Thanks for the suggestions. Now that we signed up for the CSA ( we moved and so I have to start a new garden) I need something to bring the produce home in. We get a 1/2 bushel of mixed greens, herbs, fruits and veggies. 
It's fine. I asked similar questions of both priests and RCIA directors when I was discerning and was told that as a non Catholic I could participate in everything but the Eucharist. So cross yourself with holy water, get your throat blessed on Saint Blaise day and receive ashes it's fine. 
My personal feeling is that any kind of personal fulfillment that I think I could get at say a Buddhist meditation retreat, I could get by going on retreat at a Catholic monastery, or spending time in adoration or volunteering with a pro life group, soup kitchen or the local shelter.  If it's spending time with friends that are of another religion, there is always secular events like bbqs, dinner parties, concerts, movies ect to connect with them.     
Is this an Orthopedic surgeon? I think she needs to get a second opinion, also how much does your mom know about the different types of joint replacement options? How disabled is your mom right now? My husband had knee replacement in one knee about 2 years ago. I don't understand this Drs comments about her body weight effecting the replacement. Assuming that your mom is of average height for a woman yet 100 pounds overweight, she probably weighs in the same range as my...
Traditionally in the Catholic Church has ember days it's not really a celebration though, it's a time of fasting and penance. 
In that case, absolutely not.   
I am Catholic, but I have no idea what orange night is. I wouldn't be sending my kid to another religions youth group though. 
Awe, adorable. I've bottle fed orphaned puppies, it's exhausting and it wasn't even my dog nor did we foster the whole litter.
Ask yourself, right now with three small children and getting your first ( I think) dog as a family do you want a pet or do you want to get into breeding and showing? Because while a puppy is a lot of work and commitment, multiply that exponentially when you add in breeding and showing. There is also the risk that your dog could die from birthing, is that a risk you want to take considering your 3 little ones are going to be very attached to this dog? I'm really...
Eh, I'm with Mirzam. I don't vax my kids or myself and I don't vax my pets anymore. My dogs are fed a prey model raw diet and haven't been vaxed by me. Their breeders did vax them as puppies, two of them only got the first puppy shot. They are 9 and 8 years and I also have a German Shepherd puppy that is coming up on a year old. I can't even remember the last time I had a dog licensed. I do use heartworm meds and will use flea meds though and wormers. My cats were...
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