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hmmm good questions. I'll have to ask him. He had been on 1x a day only until this week, so he was taking them in the morning before I got up. Now he has to create a new routine for the regime since he has both morning and evening meds. 
Thanks Cynthia. I was wondering if it was an issue only while using 3-G since it started when I was out of town but it also did it when I got back home and was on wifi. 
My husband is on a few different rx's some 1x a day some 2x some specifically in the morning and others at night. He is notorious for not taking them regularly or on time. He has used the pill boxes before but he doesn't keep up on them.    Anyone have any good ideas for reminders and tracking? He has an iPhone and I was debating suggesting an app, but he already had reminders set up in ical and then he just doesn't take them because he is busy doing something else...
I haven't been using the iPad much to come here since I posted, but both times I did it crashed safari again. Most recently within the last 2 days. 
Thanks everyone.    He has his test and he has a blockage. They are just going to monitor it and treat it with medication at this time. He can come home on Wednesday. I'm so exhausted I not sure what else to say right now. I appreciate everyones prayers. He is driving me crazy complaining about the low salt low fat hospital diet.
We did this, I adopted a retired stud that was 6 years old. He was awesome and immediately bonded to me especially. I think getting an older dog is a great idea especially when you have 3 young children. Puppies are a lot of work
Thanks   They postponed his angiogram until Monday. But at least he isn't having chest pains anymore.
He is having an angiogram tomorrow to determine what exactly is going on with his heart. He has already had bypass surgery years ago. He had chest pains today and I called 911 and an ambulance took him to the ER, he did have a heart attack and has been admitted to the hospital. I'm keeping myself optimistic because he did pass his last stress test with no problems but it was just over a year ago.   He is at a Catholic hospital and received the sacrament of the sick...
Child porn is not a mole hill.   Although I agree that the individual childs personality must be taken into consideration when deciding how much information to share. It becomes ugh more tricky when you have multiple children with different personalities and different needs regarding information though. 
Cleaned out the fridge and got some packing done. 
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