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Glad you were in line ahead of her and got your money finally, how weird though. 
Good news about the funds being available. 
the disagreement has nothing to do with the OP and her supposed newness to the forum, since the disagreement is between longtime members and what they posted not what the OP posted.    The foundational issue is the fact that some people for whatever reason will take anyones I/me/mine post and try and spin it as judgement against them even when the post was not directed at them, didn't quote them and wasn't in response to anything they posted. It doesn't matter what...
I test drove one when I was shopping for a new car a few years ago. I had 2 dogs then and an adult kid living at home. It was fun to drive other than the lack of easily seeing behind you when backing up. But it was too small for me, I'm very happy with my Volvo wagon I bought instead. 
What part of her use of MY husband and My Children has anything to do with you and yours? She didn't make any blanket statements about vaxers, unlike yours about no vaxers. 
I make almond milk in the vitamix, and I used to make rice milk in my old blender. For smoothies I mainly use frozen fruit and juice but I boycott bananas in smoothies I just can't do them anymore. I overdid it with them years ago and I can't stand them anymore in smoothies. I will add a small amount of yogurt sometimes if I'm going for more of a lussi type, but I prefer mine lighter and thinner texture. 
Does he still live next door? I'm asking since you said he has been out on bail. I'd have talked to them already. What exactly to say would depend on the individual child. I know when my child was the age of your kids that I would not have had to give detailed info. If I said he wasn't safe and that she was never to be around him she would have taken me at my word. But some kids need the details especially if they are the type that needs to know why or to ignore parental...
Well, I think it really depends on the people involved and the relationship dynamics. In my case, I already had dd when I met dh. I already had my parenting decisions made and was practicing them. He isn't a researcher. His opinions were based on "that is what people do" or the way he was raised or what his friends with kids did. In some cases it took years to get him educated, like on circ. But he also trusts me because he knows I don't make most decisions lightly. So...
Anyone tried packing apples in their own juice? It seems like it would maintain the apple flavor better than water.    My tomatoes were a failure this year, in too late, freaky weather and bad location IMO so I've basically only canned chicken broth this year LOL. 
You can get a new 23 quart presto for less than 100 dollars on Amazon, if cost is the issue. The closest sized All American is over twice the price. If you are just getting into pressure canning you might want to start with the lower investment. I've never had a problem with gaskets, even on my 20 year old pressure cooker that has one, which I've had longer than my pressure canner. But bottom line, I'd buy new for the safety release valve which may not be on the older...
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