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Are you still reading it? I'll join you, I already have the book but I've never read it. I just need 2 days or so to finish up the book I'm already reading.
I'm interested but I have no suggestions for books.
I was wondering about the list too, I mean The DaVinci Code as a classic book :scratch:   Anyway, I'm interested. I've read some of the books on the list multiple times, never heard of some and some I started reading but couldn't get through. I'm in the middle of reading something right now so I'll check back in a couple days when I finish it and choose something from the list.
I'm so sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better soon and that the rest of the stuff works itself out.   I don't have anything to commiserate on right now though :)
I think I'll bring some music to the party. alanis morissette's Ironic seems to be perfect for the vibe in this room.
This thread is hilarious, thanks for the laugh.
No kidding, since I was called intolerant for not agreeing it sure seems clear that it wasn't just hyperbole to her. Just to be clear, I sure thought it was, which is why I posted what I did. But the response cleared that up.
What's with the pan of water? Yes you can roast a duck dry. It doesn't stay dry for long without a rack or veggies or something because boy you get a lot of duck fat out of it.
If she is picky about her books as you posted, I'd just get her a gift card. Either itunes or audible or maybe Amazon or Barnes and Noble. What other people suggest they liked doesn't mean she will.
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