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chemistry. bleh.
waving hi as i leave the role of homeschool mom and (re)join the ranks of ps moms....
Free Volusia Homeschoolers on yahoo homes all types of homeschoolers throughout volusia county.
The millennial child website has a wealth of free information to those mamas commenting on the cost of waldorf curriculum. The Little Flower Garden guides (esp. the ebooks) are also quite affordable. I am reading through gr 1 for dd now and I have fifth grade oak meadow for ds.
I tried and made a HUGE mess. I never could get it pliable enough.
The http://leapof.blogspot.com/ blog led me to http://www.ringsurf.com/ring/tasteofwaldorf/ Too many blogs...too little time LOL!
SOTW Volume 1 & 2 are $5.99 for the original edition. I believe there are minor map changes in the newer versions, but esp. for a 1st & 2nd grader, you can't beat the price. http://www.peacehillpress.com/index....TS&Category=20
EB White books & The Secret Garden are huge hits here as well. I will be referencing this list for more ideas. Thank you.
It looks like you can break it up into semesters vs a full year. We are getting ready to begin using their printed materials. https://www.oakmeadow.com/store/cate...tegory_code=NC
Quote: Originally Posted by frogguruami Oh, yeah! Let me get on that!! : Thanks for suffering through your friends bad coffee habit.
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