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Somebody else mentioned this, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read your post so I'll say it too -- craigslist. I have found my last two permanent gigs via craigslist, but have also picked up a number of freelance jobs there. I'm a self-taught tech person, too (I do have a degree, but in a different field). Look under gigs-->computer for lots of listings for projects -- MANY of which do not need to be done onsite. Look in cities other than yours. Put...
I hate workout videos but I like this one. Every second of it counts, like she says -- it's only 20 minutes plus warm up and cool down, so there's really no excuse not to do it. And even though I thought I was in pretty good shape the first time I tried it, it kicked my butt!!
I don't think wanting to have a birth experience is a good reason to have another child. We here at MDC make a big deal about birth experiences, but it's really just one day in an entire life. Somebody else's life that you're bringing into the world. I don't think it's much different than saying you want to have a child because you want to experience a beautiful, orgasmic conception.
Four grand? I'd go to Europe for two weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee just because i am her mother and i say so doesnt mean she has to do it. Actually, I am of the opposite opinion. But that's probably not a popular view around here. If I ask my kid to do something to help out and she dismisses me with a "no, I don't feel like it right now" that just isn't going to fly in my house. Everybody is expected to help out. My kids holler to me all the time for help and I drop...
I'm definitely not a fan of Disney and their massive marketing machine. But the title of this thread made me giggle.
My kids aren't quite old enough to have FB accounts yet, but when they do I will feel perfectly comfortable setting firm rules about online interpersonal behavior, and saying "You may have an account, but we will share passwords and you should know that anything you say on there, I may read. I might not necessarily read it, but you should act as if I am reading everything you write, and gauge your online behavior accordingly. If you earn my trust by following my rules, I...
I ask again. We have a running joke here that the phrase "Yes, mama" is "music to my ears". So I usually say something like "No? How about a yes mama? I sure would like to hear some music in my ears." It usually works, in a light hearted way. I don't push too hard on this with the 2yo, but if it's the 5yo and she doesn't have any pressing reason not to help out I will encourage her to do as I ask.
Another vote for the Mazda 5 -- I'm so happy to see so many fans. We got ours the first year it was offered in the States (2006) and they were so rare at the time, when we saw another Mazda 5 on the road we'd wave at each other! LOL. One more argument in its favor -- you can get it in standard transmission. This was honestly the biggest selling point for me. You can't buy a regular minivan with a stick shift. WAY more fun to drive!!!
I fully agree that the situation is not a good one for that little girl. But you can't just "forward the police the facebook link" and expect that she will be found guilty of doing drugs. First of all, she'd have to give the police access to her account to even see her status updates, they are private. Somebody suggested printing out a page, but that's not very reliable either - I could edit a printed page in about three minutes to make it look like she was...
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