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This thread is hysterical because half of the stuff in it makes me want to vomit just thinking of it, and the other half I'm nodding in agreement over. I really really really love ramen noodles. They are just gross as hell if you read the label, but I can't help it. I like to drain them, add a pat of butter (!), and then pour the entire flavor packet on and mix it up. I could probably eat three packs like that. Disgusting!
Can your mom stay in a hotel if you don't go into labor until after she arrives? If she won't, you could. Find a hotel near the hospital and labor there until you feel like heading in. Just flat out tell her you won't be laboring with her in the room, and it's her choice whether she goes to the hotel or you do.
Quote: Originally Posted by enfpintj Well attitude is often the difference between being frugal and penurious. I fill the sink with only the necessary amount of water and no more because we just lived through a 4 year drought, and we worried about our well. I also don't buy many sweets/treats for the kids though my dh does bake a fair amount. So they have homemade stuff more than just on the weekends as in the above post, but I don't want them to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetjasmine I'm not a veteran frugalite but I have some ideas that I recall from my mother. She was German and was a child during WWII. When my dad was in the military we spent one year living with her mother in Germany while dad was on a yearlong tour. Most residences there have doors to every room including the living room and kitchen. In the winter my g-ma closed every door and she only heated the kitchen while we were in...
My Mazda5 gets about 26mpg, but it only seats six. I love it. And you can get it in a standard transmission which is unheard of in the minivan world.
If you are only going to be gone for a few hours, I would just nurse a lot before I left if I were you. If you leave her in the loving arms of grandma, I'm sure she will be totally fine without a bottle... but if she does seem hungry, grandma can always give her sips from a cup. My kids never took bottles and that's what we did. Go and enjoy yourself! Many eight week olds go several hours without nursing on a regular basis. As long as you are totally comfortable with...
We heat the house with the pellet stove, but I close the kids' doors at night, so it cools off in there. Last winter we put space heaters in their rooms, but this year (so far anyway) DD1 has been using blankets, finally, so we've skipped the space heater in her room and just have one for the 2yo, which kicks on at 62 (she doesn't wear blankets much). The pellet stove has a programmable thermostat which we set at 62 at night, so the other rooms are even cooler....
I think that .40 to .49 per lb. for a frozen turkey is the best deal I can find around here. I always buy a few around this time of year and toss them in the freezer. For just a couple of bucks I can get a week's worth of meals. I don't turn my nose up at that.
You need this book: The Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT, and SAT I hadn't taken a math class in over 15 years. This book covers everything you need to know, in easy to follow detail. I shocked myself by scoring in the 96th percentile!
Heh. I used to let kids pick out of the bowl at my house until they shoveled half a dozen pieces for themselves into their bags and then their moms (who weren't carrying any little ones either) would help themselves to another giant handful, without a word. Now I dole it out piece by piece.
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