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Well, of course, as with anything, you take what you can use and throw away the bones.  I am a much more conservative midwife than Gloria Lemay and my students are both aware of that fact, but I do appreciate that she has a high volume of experience from which to teach and no matter how you practice midwifery, skills like BP and palpation are the same ;).
Yeah, they look pretty basic.  I mean, BP and palpation?  Yeah.  But the apprentice who is just starting out needs BASIC stuff and we've been so busy I haven't even had time to go over BP with her yet, so that's good.  And they're affordable.   I'm excited about "confident nutrition counseling."  I feel like a remedial class in that would be a good thing for me .
I'm gonna work on a few of these ideas.  I'll post back in a few months and let you ladies know how it's working.   Thanks!!
Sorry if this has already been posted, but I'm really diggin' the idea for both me and my apprentices:   http://onlinemidwiferyed.blogspot.com/2011/04/online-midwifery-classes-start-soon-may.html
Thank you so much for your reply.  I LOVE the idea of centering care and have for a long time.  I don't think my practice is quite "there" yet, but I do want to work toward it.   The healthy pregnancy class is a great idea.  Is it required?   What is the volume at the birth center you're working with?  We're consistently busy, but still qualify as small...20-25 active clients at a time.
I also like the idea of fostering a sense of community among clients.  The clients who attend childbirth classes together really "click" with each other and continue to follow each other t/o the rest of their pregnancies.  I'd like to find a way to offer them more opportunities for those connections if they want them.  And if I can do it while making my life a little easier, that's even better.
My birth center practice is really growing and we're finding that prenatal days that don't have consults are much smoother than prenatal days with consults.  We are already doing appointments twice a week and I don't really want to add another day just for consults, but I'd like to do something that will ease the flow of our prenatal day.   I've thought of doing a group tour at the end of every prenatal day (or every other or something...I feel that once a month...
So, as a midwife the unspoken rule is that you don't attend births alone and you always have backup.   The reality is that sometimes that's really hard to get.  I have never attended a birth alone except at the request of the mother, whose own mother (a homebirther herself) agreed beforehand to help me with anything I might need, so I did have a set of extra hands (albeit very inexperienced) if I need them.  So attending births alone is not really my thing.  I know...
It really is so much different when you are the midwife and you set your own boundaries instead of being subject to someone else's boundaries.  It makes a HUGE difference!  And it sounds like you are going to be in a really good place after your apprenticeship: you'll have a partner and have privileges at a birth center.  It's just a matter of keeping your head above water until you get there.  Taking NARM in February will totally change your life...you do this until...
I offer a discounts this way: Set dollar discount on my full fee to anyone who can prove current eligibility for WIC, medicaid, or who is an active duty military member or spouse of an active duty military member ranked e5 or below.  This takes any responsibility for income analysis off of my shoulders.   Anyone who has the balls to ask for a cash pay discount and agrees to pay in one lump sum gets a little bit off.  I guess the Dave Ramsey fan in me just has to...
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