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Is your wool still available?
    so i can find this
Welcome and congrats! This is our #5 and home birth as well. #4 was our first homebirth, #3 was birth center with a CNM and #1 were hospital with awesome CNMs. All were positive experiences and am getting excited for this birth as well.  I'm due 2/27/12.
Just wanted to send a big hug your way.   I'm so sorry it did not go the way you planned. I'm glad you are talking about it now as that will help heal those emotional wounds.  I'm glad that you are open to receiving input from others and I'm sure you'll receive alot of support here. I have heard similar stories from many, many women over the years. It breaks my heart. I'm sending you lots of love.  
My ds placenta has been in our freezer for 6 years now!   We will probably freeze this next little one's placenta until the spring and then we'll plant them both in our garden.   At least that's the plan.
I agree! Sounds like a wonderful teaching opportunity about taking the time to learn about something of interest and making educated decisions based on facts not heresay or what 'everybody else is doing'.   Potential life lesson opportunity :-)    
I would be pissed if my MD called the birthing center regarding my family members personal medical history. Especially because my family member was not being seen or treated at the birthing center. As a healthcare facility, the birthing center should have protocols and policies already set up for dealing with MRSA patients. Depending on where the MRSA is patients may or may not be "isolated" in acute care settings. I'm so sorry that this was not addressed earlier in...
Congratulations!! Enjoy your babymoon! Wonderful to hear all went well <3
Blood sugars are not a concern, yay!! All is well and my anxiety has decreased tremendously!! Hope everyone is doing well:-)
My lower back/sacrum area has been pretty sore. I've been to the chiropractor every week for the last 3 weeks and I'm thinking I will continue until the baby comes. I wake up about 2-3 times a night and chuckle to myself because I feel like I am walking like an old lady. I try to remember good body mechanics throughout the day. I would love a massage! Maybe I'll ask for one for my baby shower. ;-)
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