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I think I saw some listed at Know Thy Food, way down on the list   http://knowthyfood.com/   I'm also pretty sure that New Seasons has several locally made products at least in soaps and lotions, you might want to call to see where they get their stuff. Good Luck!
I have to say this is brilliant! Off to buy a timer, thanks!
I'm afraid we have been all over the map with history so far. We tend to do a lot of crafts like dioramas or other multimedia projects to pull stuff together. My son is almost 12 and now we want to do something more linear and in depth. Chamomile Girl  I would love for you to share some (or all) :0 of your resources! 
Oh no, for some reason I marked this as next Sunday. I'm so sorry to have missed this. How was it? does anyone know if there is another meet up in portland or surrounding areas soon? 
Isn't there a Christmas party going on in Portland this month? Any homeschoolers going?
I would love to come to this but not sure if we can make it. Are there going to be a lot of people coming? Is there room for the kids to run around?
Great idea! we live in Gladstone, Oregon which is a few miles south of Portland. We have lived in S.E. and N.E. Portland and hope to get back up to that area in a year or two.
That is an awesome idea, I am so stealing it! I just saw that post-its just came out with labels too and they are attractive. Or you could just print your own out on card stock and laminate them or print them on sticker paper. Let us know if you find something really cool!
Brainpop has a K-3 option.
ok, that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I have a precocious almost 4 yr old and a slightly immature 11 yr old (still loves seseame street) and I think I'm going to get them this. Thanks so much for sharing about this. Does anyone know of other great monthly 'get in the mail' kinds of things for the kids?
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